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Jil Sander Spring 2014 RTW (All images: Fairchild)

Jil Sander Spring 2014 RTW (All images: Fairchild)

In the last few years we have experienced a massive ‘they-come-and-go’ effect in case of creative directors at the biggest fashion houses; they switch, leave, disappear and might never come back or, on the contrary, they start to shine as a newborn stars under a different name – freshly. As always, there are exceptions – occasional comebacks. By now you might have already figured out that my flow of thoughts is referring to the latest breaking news about Jil Sander, who had now stepped down for the third time. While I would say – or rather bag – ‘Oh Jil, don’t go!’; Vogue already wonders, ‘Who Will Take The Reins At Jil Sander?’…The thing is though, that ever since she sold her company to Prada, back in 1999, she has not been sure whether she wanted to stay at all. As WWD reported, so far one name, Gabriele Colangelo, has come to the fore who took on the pared-back aesthetics, the precision of cut and apparently he is breathing the same minimalist air the brand has always been represented. She – Jil herself – gave us the women who is never over-decorated, by setting the standard for minimalism that was both courageous and inspiring yet most of all inimitable. The fashion lips say that the German designer is about to exit her eponymous brand due to personal reasons, and that is something we might never get to know for sure and we might actually don’t even need to do so…she deserves only our homage, no matter what. If you may apologise for getting too personal, I must say that this has been a real breaking news for us that brought some real sadness in its trail, but we know that she made her stamp on the fashion industry so firmly that it will never ever fade away. Thank you, Jil!

In den letzten Jahren gab es immer wieder ein Kommen und Gehen, was die Creative Directors der großen Modehäuser angeht: Sie wechseln die Marken, gehen oder verschwinden gar und kommen vielleicht nie wieder, aber andererseits erscheinen sie manchmal wie neugeboren und beginnen frisch von vorn unter einem neuen Namen. (more…)


In Vogue we believe

Whatever drives you; passion, hate, respect, envy, appreciation or fascination you cannot avoid the iconic name, Carine Roitfeld. A muse, a hero and a role model she in-personifies at once. I reckon that most of you shares my enthusiasm towards the much awaited movie, Mademoiselle C, that is a documentary focused on former Vogue Paris editor-in-chief and fashion stylist Carine Roitfeld – one of the most inspiring, authentic and inevitable woman of our era. Her words are blessed with thoughtfulness and honesty that touches you just like the following ones: ‘Vogue’s one of the biggest titles in the world, and when you get that title, you automatically get a sort of “crown” along with it. Not because of who you are, but because of the title you carry. So when I left Vogue, I gave back my uniform, my crown. But I’m not sad about it! I was there 10 years, and now, if I ever get another crown, it’ll be because of me—not because of where I work. Maybe this crown won’t be as beautiful, as full of diamonds…but I think it’ll be more personal, because I will have done it myself.’ If I would ever have to name an idol, it could only be her!

Was immer uns treibt: Leidenschaft, Hass, Respekt, Neid, Wertschätzung oder Faszination, wir können diesem einen ikonischen Namen nicht entgehen, Carine Roitfeld. (more…)

2013-09-05 21.46.20

All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // A great ensemble at the Quartier 206 with Vogue at the Fashion’s Night Out

Being en vogue is one thing, celebrating with Vogue one of the most popular shopping get together is another, especially at the exact moment of saying goodbye to the summer season and finally welcoming autumn winter collections. Both equally exciting and for sure similarly colored and sublime. Vogue invites to actively celebrate the act of going shopping. The selected time frame until 0:00 has a discreet ambiguity of the famous ‘never-getting-enough’ and the constant insatiability of the fashion folks. But it is not only the staging of capitalism but a possibility to experience an extended type of fashion among the shopping hot-spots of Berlin. And when Vogue invites, we do not even contemplate about it for a millisecond but follow the call and the fashion people for a night of wild wild luxury. (more…)

Natalia Vodianova (All images: Fairchild)

(All images: Fairchild)

Once the business starts up, the sky is the only limit – at least in the case of the Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bündchen who – just like last year – has topped the list of the highest-earning models for the seventh year running, as stated on Vogue. According to Forbes magazine, the supermodel takes in about $42 million in a single year – thank to her collaboration with H&M, Chanel, Pantene and David Yurman, as well as a stake in the Brazilian footwear company Grendene and her own, increasingly profitable, lingerie label. The second place is taken by Kate Moss who remained one of the biggest style-icons over almost the past two decades, lately collaborating with Longchamp, Mango, Rimmel, and Vogue Eyewear. The list continues with Russian Natalia Vodianova, the lately featured Heidi Klum and everybody’s beauty-icon Adriana Lima or the Australian model Miranda Kerr thank to her Kora Organics beauty line, as well as deals with Qantas, David Jones and Mango. There is something in common in the top then richest models, and that’s nothing else but the fact as they are either currently Victoria’s Secret Angels or have modelled for the lingerie label in the past. At this level, things go far more deeper than things like beauty or luck; it’s all about talent, business, personality; it’s about the ones who has become a staple at once for all by being blessed with rare kind of genes.

Wenn das Business erstmal startet, ist der Himmel das einzige Limit – zumindest im Fall des brasilianischen Supermodels Gisele Bündchen, die – genau wie letztes Jahr – die Liste der am besten verdienenden Models zum siebten Jahr in Folge anführt, wie auf Vogue berichtet wurde. (more…)

(Image: Fairchild)

(Image: Fairchild)

As stalking the supermodel’s Instagram earlier today, Gisele Bündchen was officially spotted shooting some upcoming ads on the streets of London during the previous days – turns out the supermodel was working on H&M’s fall campaign. H&M has worked with some pretty big names these past couple of years and shortly after Vogue leaked the top secret info after the gossips back in May, the brand finally confirmed the exciting news. If that weren’t enough, the busy-beautiful mom is also currently the face of Chanel beauty still being blessed with perfect genes. It’s no wonder she has been the highest-paid supermodel for nearly a decade! By the way the Autumn/Winter range will include soft wools and leathers in the palette of Earth colours such as ivory, khaki, beige and black. We cannot wait!

Als ich vorhin bei Instagram das Supermodel verfolgte, sah ich, dass Gisele Bündchen während der letzten Tage offiziell bei einem Shooting auf den Straßen Londons für kommende Werbung gesichtet wurde – es stellte sich heraus, dass das Supermodel an der H&M Herbst Kampagne arbeitete. (more…)

Being obsessed with the Japanese beauty –  who’s also the current face of Stella McCartney’s fall campaign – Chiharu Okunugi, graces the pages of Vogue China’s August issue for a beauty feature. Besides the beauty editorial, a short film titled ‘Homage’ was made in which Okunugi plays the massive fitness lady role as doing sweaty training for an upcoming match, juxtaposed with rather classical musical selection. In another scene, Okunugi lies seductively on the bed, wearing a creamy silk nightgown, with a fan blowing her hair and ice cooling down her skin. In the photo shoot the model sparkled in elegant looks ranging from sporty to ultra-feminine styles while personifying the idea of true beauty.

Wir sind verrückt nach der japanischen Schönheit Chiharu Okunugi – auch das aktuelle Gesicht von Stella McCartneys Herbst Kampagne – die die Seiten der Augustausgabe der chinesischen Vogue für ein Beauty Feature ziert. (more…)

(Image: Fairchild)

(Image: Fairchild)

Kate Moss’ accessories collection that is featuring tablet cases and phone covers has been unveiled! The supermodel held an intimate lunch the day before yesterday at The Ivy – as stated on Vogue, where she summed up her inspiration “I was inspired by all the things I love. It was very much about the texture and the detail – a star, a stud, some leather.” The collection that drew inspiration from the model’s own wardrobe, reflects a luxurious grunge edge thank to the range of crocodile leathers, sharp yet classy silhouettes and sophisticatedly studded details. The Kate Moss Accessories collection for Carphone Warehouse launches in selected stores and online at from July 24. Prices start at £14.99 for a smartphone case (designs available for iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4) and go up to £49.99 for a large tablet cover (see the full collection here). Watch out, the second collection is already on its way, so you better stock up your very first Kate Moss piece!

Kate Moss’ Accessoires Kollektion, die Tablet und Handy Hüllen beinhaltet, wurde enthüllt! Das Supermodel hielt vorgestern ein vertrauliches Mittagessen im The Ivy ab – wie die Vogue berichtet, wo sie ihre Inspiration zusammenfasste: “Ich wurde von allen Dingen, die ich liebe, inspiriert. Es ging dabei sehr ums Material und die Details – ein Stern, Nieten, etwas Leder.” (more…)

Giuseppe Zanotti Spring 2013 (Image: Fairchild)

Giuseppe Zanotti Spring 2013 (Image: Fairchild)

I have read an interesting article on Vogue the other day concerning the shoes issue, which discusses the topic of ‘women are wearing shoes that also have to please men.’ To be frank, with my 174 cm height, I never really bothered wearing high-heels unless the occasion literally demanded to do so. However, just as with many other things in life, with age, your perception in this matter changes as well. The article, which you can read here featured designer Christian Louboutin’s thoughts on whether women buy their shoes with men in mind. If we take the approach that states that women are obsessed with shoes and men are obsessed with female legs the straightforward result shows that men do care what women are wearing on their feet. As tempting as it can be to stockpile your shoe closet with feathery, sparkling, sky-high heels, which you know you will not wear more than once already in the moment you are buying them, I would suggest to pile on a nice pair of light and dark suede pumps, a crazy platform one, wooden wedges for the summer, ballerinas and sandals in the colours you love, a nice pair of lets say Isabel Marant boots that work well in the upcoming festival season too, a pair of converse or vans (choose the leopard one). Depending on your style and lifestyle, if you fall for heels, don’t forget to get a pair in gold and get a pair in silver and with men on mind choose your best match every time you can afford the amazing treat of buying a pair of new beauties.

Ich habe neulich einen interessanten Artikel auf Vogue gelesen, bei dem es um das Thema Schuhen ging und diskutiert wurde ‘sollen Frauen Schuhe tragen, die auch den Männern gefallen’. (more…)

Bambi Magazine (All images: Loreen Hinz)

Bambi Magazine (All images: Loreen Hinz)

Probably if someone would ask you what fascinates you the most within the pages ofVogueELLE or i-D, the answer would most likely be the visual treat; the images. I’ve met Loreen Hinz Germany-based photographer through a lovely friend of mine and I took the opportunity to ask her about her passion and profession; photography, through which she is portraying her very own style in terms of photographic imagery.

In the first place I asked her about who is Loreen the photographer? How and when did her passion towards photography started out? What does she tend to capture; is it beauty, inner beauty, a piece of art or the mixture of the these?



Reka SilkSoFine: Let’s start Lori, tell us a bit about yourself!

Lori: My name is Loreen Hinz, I was born in 1983 in east Saxony and I’m currently located in the German capital Berlin, and occasionally in Leipzig. The very first time I took photos was during my second studies. I adored fashion stories in Vogue and did some fashion shots, but the models were never as beautiful, the clothes as outstanding, the make-up as cool like in the pages of Vogue. This depressed me a lot. The revelation of my passion towards photography began when I first saw the pictures of French photographer, Sarah Moon – it was different. I fell in love with those diffuse, colorful, painting-like pictures, which set me free from the pressure of sharpness and perfection. Today there are many inspirations in my everyday life – fashion magazines and blogs, reports about history and art or even a beautiful face on the street. (more…)