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Nowadays many women are in leading positions at different companies/brands mostly when the job is related to the fields of fashion…The new generation of Head of PR-s, Sales, Art Directors or Editor-in-Chiefs due to sometimes being only in their 30s, have changed the rules in work-wear and are extravagantly mixing diverse range of pieces instead of just wearing the usual ‘black-and-white costume match’. Here is an example from SilkSoFine with love!

Heutzutage gibt es viele Frauen in führenden Positionen, die für unterschiedliche Unternehmen/Marken arbeiten, oftmals wenn der Job etwas mit Mode zu tun hat…


Victoria Beckham Fall 2013 RTW

(all images: fairchild)

As we have expressed our appreciation towards Victoria Beckham earlier, I’m telling no secret if I say that we love her collection too. Her AW13 pieces are just as feminine as the designer herself: delicate cuts, slim pencil skirts and twisted neck details feature the garments in laid-back colours completed with some statement yellow hues. The choice of fabrics included subtle tweeds, felted wools and cashmere converted into softly edgy silhouettes and shapes with a sexy, yet modern touch. Victoria’s collection speaks of pieces, which she would also like to wear and this makes it very honest and at the same time definitely every women’s craving. By the way the Beckham family moved back to London – some might have felt the London-influence on the garments too -, so Victoria can fully enjoy every angle her brand and we can await for many more beauties to come!


Da wir schon vorher unsere Wertschätzung für Victoria Beckham kundgetan haben, erzähle ich euch kein Geheimnis, wenn ich sage, dass wir auch ihre Kollektion lieben. (more…)

Because you can’t really just walk away with only mentioning a few words about Victoria Beckham, who has just turned 39 yesterday (Happy Birthday again). If she would be sitting right next to me now, I would ask her about her secret…How to be a businesswoman, a fashion designer, a model, a singer and most of all a mother of four children at the very same time? Lately Beckham has found more success as an internationally recognised and photographed style icon, and we must admit that a very influential one. Beckham made a guest appearance on the catwalk for Maria Grachvogel back in 2000, marking her debut as a model at London Fashion Week, and since then, she has always been in the crossfire of paparazzi and press, mainly ‘off-duty’. No surprise then, that by throwing her own designs on the market, and recently opening her own online-store, she achieved an overwhelming success. In February 2013 she was assessed as one of the 100 most powerful women in the United Kingdom. Cheers, Victoria!

Weil man Victoria Beckham, die gestern 39 wurde (noch mal Happy Birthday!), einfach nicht nur mit einigen Worten erwähnen kann: Wenn sie gerade neben mir sitzen würde, dann würde ich sie nach ihrem Geheimnis fragen… (more…)