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(All images: Fairchild)

Meadham Kirchhoff AW13 (All images: Fairchild)

Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff are the creative duo behind the Meadham Kirchhoff brand and are renowned of their different approach to designing. Thank to their intricate artisanal skills and astonishing vision, they come up with collections that are both extravagant and breathtaking, as well as are completed with epic stage productions season after season. No doubts that over the last few years, they’ve gained a cult-like following and have become one of the must-see shows at  London Fashion Week. Their latest AW13 collection was so far my favourite with all its decadent aesthetics, monochrome colour palette, raw make-up and dream-like faces that featured as well as characterised the catwalk and the collection all in all. The beauty in the collection was as the duo recalled everybody from  the sailor girls through the French maids, to the Victorian era’s ladies wearing Marie-Antoinette-style shoes – and did it all with the perfect sense of proportions.

Edward Meadham und Benjamin Kirchhoff sind das kreative Duo hinter der Marke Meadham Kirchhoff und bekannt für ihre unterschiedliche Herangehensweise an Design. (more…)

(source: flur magazine)

(source: flur magazine)

A few weeks ago I referred to my styling project, and I promised to share some insights about how did it all go. First of all you have to know, that the lovely team – which gathered to execute the photographer’s, Manuela Iodice’s visual concept – met for the very first time on the occasion of this project. Manuela is from Rome, Italy and we met online as she was seeking for a stylist in Copenhagen. I was really glad because she had the perfect possible location on mind: The Black Diamond, and the rest was kind of evident, so to say. We agreed on minimalistic pieces, laid-back silhouettes, some grunge blended natural feel the whole fashion story should suggest. The project was a collaboration between Manuela and model Anne Christine Kjer Hansen from SCOOP, who happened to be the perfect choice with all her modern beauty attributes: a bit of scandinavia (skin&hair), youthful freshness (in her eyes) and a touch of chic grunge-effect (in her postures). As a stylist, I had to select the pieces, combine them and make sure it looks the way it’s supposed to look on each photograph. See the rest of the images on FLUR Magazine.

Vor einigen Wochen habe ich euch von meinem Styling Projekt erzählt und euch versprochen, euch weitere Einblick darin zu geben, wie es lief. (more…)

Dries Van Noten backstage (source: fairchild)

Dries Van Noten backstage (source: fairchild)

It is amazing how diverse effects can one achieve through styling, which is a proper creative art-form, and has an essential impact on the way people perceive the catwalk show – as a collective experience of designs, styling and rhythms. Styling varies from zero to excessive, by giving you the feel that the whole combination of hair do – make-up – jewels – shoes and garments are meant to be presented together. Styling is an art-form without boundaries – from fur crests through bejeweled ears to makeup-less faces the season’s tagline had been set; everything goes!

Es ist bemerkenswert was für unterschiedliche Effekte man mit Styling erreichen kann, welches eine wahre kreative Kunstform darstellt, und einen wesentlichen Einfluss drauf hat, wie Menschen die Show auf dem Catwalk wahrnehmen – als eine kollektives Erlebnis aus Designs, Styling und Rhythmus. Das Styling variiert zwischen kaum vorhanden und übertrieben, indem es vermittelt, dass die ganze Kombination aus Frisur – Make-up – Schmuck – Schuhen –  Kleidung dafür vorbestimmt ist, zusammen präsentiert zu werden. Styling ist eine Kunstform ohne Grenzen – von Fellhauben über beschmückten Ohren bis zu Gesichtern ohne Make-up – der Titel des Saison ist: Alles ist möglich!