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Despite any misbeliefs, sporty is the new sexy  (if you by any chance haven’t heard about it yet), mainly when the hot bodies are ‘covered’ by even hotter pieces. Victoria’s Secret introduces a sports collection worn by sporty Angels such as Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo, Doutzen Kroes or Lindsay Ellingson. The models show off the latest in’s in activewear for the season, by bringing the same sexy allure to athletic gear that they bring on the catwalk with the selection of sports bras or exercise pants. Since the bras are ringed in as the ‘world’s best sport bras’ we cannot wait to order some of them and keep alive the motivation for our daily fitness. By the way guys; do you have any tips how to stick with the sporty attitude during the colder months? We would love to hear some of your tips too…PS The world’s best sport bras are now available in all Victoria’s Secret stores and at in every kind of colour ways, yay!

Ob ihr es glauben wollt oder nicht, sportlich ist definitiv das neue sexy, denn es geht darum die heißen Bodys in noch heißere Dessous zu stecken! Victoria’s Secret bringt gerade eine Sportkollektion heraus, die von den fitten Models Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo, Doutzen Kroes oder Lindsay Ellingson präsentiert wird. (more…)

How to survive post-summer depression?

We are talking about post-summer depression when you’re feeling down because you’ve just realised that summer is over and there will be no sun, swimming in the sea, sleeping under the stars, feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, dancing in the summer rains, summer loves, sexy summer gowns – for almost a year. Usually the feeling of down is stronger, the better the summer was. It’s even stronger if you realise that an average person has about 70 summers during their lifetime – only 70. Trying not to make it too dramatic, the truth is that unless you are living far up north, there is still a chance for plenty of days with proper sunshine, flowing dresses and warm kisses on the balcony of your favourite cafe downtown. If the climate tricks us, we still have a few tips to give heed to:

1. Seize the sunny moments – try to take a walk, work and be outside as long as the sun up and out!

2. Embrace colours – A colourful nail polish, a newly bought colourful painting will light up your every-days!

3. Instead of massive coats, use clever layers by incorporating your summer wardrobe into your daily outfit during the colder seasons!

4. Print out your vacation photos and don’t hide them in an album; palms and blue skies will keep you warm in the heart!

5. Don’t forget; a little sweat in the rain did not kill anybody yet – keep up your daily jogging!

6. Company, company and company – don’t replace your social life with romantic movies and pancakes!

7. Think positive; each season has its beautiful side, give it a try and explore it’s magic!

Have a beautiful autumn dear All, and don’t forget to share your tips with us!

Wir sprechen von Post-Sommerdepressionen, wenn wir traurig sind, weil wir gerade realisiert haben, dass der Sommer vorbei ist und es keine Sonne, Schwimmen im Meer, unter den Sternen schlafen, die Wärme auf dem Gesicht spüren, im Sommerregen tanzen, Sommerliebe und sexy Sommerkleider mehr gibt – und das für fast ein ganzes Jahr. (more…)

“It’s workout wear with attitude, to make you feel stylish while you exercise, creating standout pieces that you can make your own”- explains Stella McCartney the spirit of her collaboration with Adidas that is focusing on both aesthetics and performance. The continuing partnership between Stella McCartney and Adidas made a new season debut that merges functionality with the new fashion wave perfectly. In their latest Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign the technical issues become new fashion opportunities to reinterpret for example parkas and winter outfits. The collection is offering sportswear in a spectrum of vivid colours, high-tech fabrics and graphic prints that we got used to from Stella. By adding a twist to any workout, the range of sportswear is including winter leggings, lightweight jackets, sport bags that broke the standard sportswear feel and has rather been added  a street-style touch. In the mood for sports yet?

“Es ist Workout Kleidung mit Attitüde, damit man sich stilvoll fühlt, während man trainiert, wir kreieren hervorstechende Stücke, die ihr euer Eigen nennen könntet” – erklärt Stella McCartney den Geist ihrer Zusammenarbeit mit Adidas, die den Fokus sowohl auf Ästhetik als auch Leistung setzt. (more…)

Hi again, it is Marc from Never Quit. Yesterday in Part 1 I talked about general myths and illusions regarding the beach body. In this new post we go more into details and give recommendations for food and for fitness plans with my favorite exercises.

70% of reaching the dream body is created in the kitchen. Have breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and dinner like a begging monk – it roughly says it all.

A substantial breakfast with fruits, whole-grain bread, turkey breast, marmalade and water is very important because here lays the energy fundament for the day.

A snack between breakfast and lunch is also important. Recommendation: a small cup of peanut butter and an apple.

For lunch it should already be a little less but still a handful of rice, whole-grain pasta or potatoes with veggies and meat, fish or tofu is always right. Salad as a side dish is always great. (more…)