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(all images: condenast)

(all images: condenast)

We, at SilkSoFine – as you guys might have already noticed – stand for a healthy and fit lifestyle, of course with a little place for cheating to satisfy those sweet cravings once in a while…It’s not about having a few pounds less on the scale or crazy diving into diet fads and get slim and sleek as the fashion world dictates, rather just finding the great balance in life. Living healthy is a lifestyle, which you choose, not tomorrow, but today. Thanks to our ever-developing-world you find gyms on every second corner, proper running shoes, personal-trainers and so much more, but as we highlighted earlier, health is much depending on the eating habits. We make small failures, which can easily be avoided just by incorporating simple good-to-know tips in the kitchen such as:

1. Forget the potato-meat match by replacing the carbs with fresh or steamed vegetables. Keep the carbs for the morning and start your day with whole fruits, freshly-squeezed juices and whole grain bread/muesli instead. If you crave sweets, morning is the best time to sin.

2. Incorporate organic and fresh ingredients. Shop at a natural food store or buy food from your local farmer’s market, or what’s better, pick some from the garden (cheaper and not time-consuming at all).

3. Physical activity is a key factor in weight control and good long-term health. It is as important as a good diet and good sleep. Think about simple thing just as walking instead of taking the tube.

4. Avoid excessive smoking and alcohol intake…If you go for cocktails, avoid the creamy ones.

5. If you crave sweets, replace ice-cream with homemade smoothies, cakes with fruit-salads and low-fat yoghurt, bonbons with quality dark-chocolate.

These are just a few cliches from us with love, but the more you read it, the more likely you give a heed to the words. And remember, there is ALWAYS a healthy option!


Wir bei SilkSoFine stehen für einen gesunden und fitten Lifestyle – wie ihr vielleicht schon festgestellt habt – natürlich mit Platz für die eine oder andere kleine Schummelei, um den süßen Hunger auch mal zu befriedigen… (more…)