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(all images: fairchild)

(all images: fairchild)

Simone Rocha is a Dublin-born, London-based designer who debuted with a solo catwalk show during London Fashion Week back in 2011. As many may assume, her father, John Rocha is celebrated fashion designer, and Simone is following in her famous father’s fashion footsteps so to say. Since then (2011), her collections continuously carry a modern and strong yet romantic edge, which is definitely Rocha’s own. The often clean and minimalistic-like pieces feature experimental and pioneering fabric techniques such as intricately embroidered silks, hand-knittined and hand-crocheted details in the prettiest hues of pale pink, off white and black. The collection paid homage and was inspired by her grandmother, called ‘Respect Your Elders’ and yet took ‘granny chic’ to new heights. She is definitely one to watch!

Simone Rocha ist eine in Dublin geborene und in London ansässige Designerin, die ihr Debüt mit einer Solo Catwalk Show 2011 während der London Fashion Week gab. Wie viele wahrscheinlich annehmen, ist ihr Vater John Rocha, ein gefeierter Modedesigner, und Simone folgt sozusagen den Mode-Fußstapfen ihres berühmten Vaters. (more…)

Who doesn’t like to make an appearance? The colour and texture gold or golden is one of the best choice to do so. The key, I would say is the proportion, the balance, the combination. By learning to build in gold/golden to you wardrobe it opens new dimensions. Gold/golden has always been there; your jewellery, your grandma’s vintage cutlery collection, the frame of your paintings on the wall, but most of all your heart! Let it be in your wardrobe too, it’s meant to be there!

Wer mag es nicht für den großen Auftritt zu sorgen? Die Farbe und das Material Gold ist eine der besten Möglichkeiten dies zu tun. Ich würde sagen, der Schlüssel ist die Proportion, die Balance, die Kombination. Es eröffnet euch neue Dimensionen, zu lernen wie ihr Gold in euren Kleiderschrank integriert. (more…)