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veggie fajita (source: Sweet On Veg)

veggie fajita (source: Sweet On Veg)

I might be a little late with this post as I just missed giving you weekend tips lunch-wise, but lets keep them on mind until the next one. As we were recently providing you with spring body-shaping tips, it turned out that actually only 30% of the magic happens in the gym and the rest is in the kitchen. Since most of us is usually lacking time, it’s important to learn some easily manageable dishes with the usage of such ingredients as veggies, fruits, proteins, olive oil and seeds. Also it’s good to watch how to combine the different ingredients for the sake of getting enough of vitamins, protein, iron and to cover our daily needs. What could make cooking more fun is to buy stylish plates and cutleries – I prefer big spacious plates, which has some space to stylishly arrange the portions of food – also try to experiment with different spices, and switch ideas with your friends. To deal with a bit rough, yet true cliche, don’t forget: ‘You are what you eat!’

Es könnte sein, dass ich etwas spät dran bin mit diesem Post, da ich es genau verpasst habe, euch Tipps fürs Wochenende zu geben was das Mittagessen angeht, aber wir können sie ja im Gedächtnis behalten bis zum nächsten. (more…)