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Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013 (All images: Fairchild)

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013 (All images: Fairchild)

There are two kinds of people; the ones who follow the rules and the ones who set them – to the latter belongs both Oscar de la Renta and John Galliano. And why did I mention these names together? Well, for the  Autumn/Winter 2013 Oscar de la Renta collection a magical collaboration was born – the designs were produced under the artistic consultancy of John Galliano. This meant that one of the all-times most talented designer has finally (or not) made his return to the world of fashion and he was given this much-deserved second chance, by one of the masters of American fashion, Oscar de la Renta. I could talk about ethics, scandals etc, but the result – which is nothing but pure heaven – made up all the negativity around him. The ever elegant de la Renta trademark was still there, this time melting together with Galliano’s dramatic touch that had some decadently romantic edge. The duo lined up sophisticated gowns, gold bullion embroidery, head to toe feathers , fur and sheer fabrics for the sake of bringing together everything that is luxurious, beautifully tailored and overly feminine. Bravo Oscar de la Renta and welcome back Mr. Galliano, you had been missed!

Es gibt zwei Arten von Menschen: Die einen, die die Regeln befolgen und die anderen, die die Regeln machen – zu letzteren gehören Oscar de la Renta und John Galliano. Und warum nenne ich diese beiden Namen zusammen? (more…)