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3.1 Phillip Lim's Spring 2014 RTW (Images: Fairchild)

3.1 Phillip Lim’s Spring 2014 RTW (Images: Fairchild)

Yet another big and beloved name, 3.1 Phillip Lim shown his collection during New York Fashion Week that we couldn’t help not reflecting on. Lim’s Spring 2014 collection is based around the idea of elements and the ecosystem, showcasing earth-coloured statements, while even having the runway made of salt crystals. To the question of ELLE whether he has always been interested in science, he answered the following: ‘Yes, I have! I am an evolutionary designer and find myself always thinking it must all exist for a reason.’ The collection once again provided the ultimate in-s for the upcoming season regardless of any romantic summer flairs, it rather showcased raw landscapes, ‘a brute yet beautifully charged ecosystem’ reflected on luxurious fabrics. Not to forget about styling, the mirrored Linda Farrow x Phillip Lim sunglasses only strengthened the edginess and volume of the structured pieces as the models feet slightly sinked in the pure white salt crystals as they down the catwalk.

Noch ein weiterer großer und geliebter Name, 3.1 Phillip Lim hat seine Kollektion während der New York Fashion Week präsentiert und wir können es einfach nicht lassen, über sie zu schreiben. (more…)

The Row Spring 2014 RTW (All images: Fairchild)

The Row Spring 2014 RTW (All images: Fairchild)

Not entirely unbiasedly talking – as you might know by now, we fall for The Row, and the Olsen twins’ latest collection wasn’t an exception either. The references for Spring came from the urban nomad, embracing both eclectic and seductive themes. The venue draped with off-white fabrics harmonically provided the backdrop to the long, lean shapes worn in lots of layers. The palette showcasing one-colour-sets varied from pure blacks to oranges through creams. The looks balanced the feel of hippy gowns with a touch of effeminacy combined elegance, yet twisting refined edges with raw ones. All in all we saw simple lace pieces, off-the-shoulder dresses, delicate  cross-body hobo bags and constructed coats but the essence of the collection lied in the details; luxe fabrics introduced crocodile skins and mohair, detailed with tassels and matching visors. Thank you for the visual treat, twins! It’s been a pleasure!

Wir sind nicht ganz unvoreingenommen – wie ihr vielleicht inzwischen wisst, stehen wir auf The Row und die aktuelle Kollektion der Olsen Twins ist keine Ausnahme. (more…)

Are you ready for some pure pleasure, ladies? Teenage idol Robert Pattison for the Dior Homme advert touched down on the 1st of September and it was well worth all the waiting; shot in sexy black and white against a New York backdrop, the short film speaks of proper seduction. The rather edgy video features Led Zeppelin’s beloved tunes ‘Whole Lotta Love’ as the soundtrack and a whole smoking hot flair with co-star French model Camille Rowe, who’s romantically seducing Pattison (or maybe vice versa) through bedrooms, bathrooms and ballrooms. The video was directed by Romain Gavras, showcasing Rob in all his glory, and predicting a rather masculine yet highly attractive scent as the new Dior Homme perfume. Just as the new cool dictates, the moody actor enjoys a drag on a cigarette, hangs out on roofs, passionately kisses ladies because it’s 2013, so let’s play those games cooler than ever. Are you in or our?

Mädels, seid ihr bereit für pure Freude? Die Werbung vom Teenager-Idol Robert Pattinson für Dior Homme kam am 1. September raus und es war das ganze Warten wirklich wert. (more…)


Once we had a project on whether shop interior attracts customers more, and if does so, in what way. Probably we all know the feeling when the shop’s interior perfectly matches our taste or dreamy desires; much of spacey square meters, fresh flowers in contemporary vases, a luxurious soft carpet and lots of brightness. On the other hand it can also be inviting when it’s out of our comfort zones, out of the convectional…ACNE is rather a bit of the latter; it has a great deal of modern edge by revealing almost a museum-like ‘do-not-touch’ feeling through the strictly organised hangers, but the twist is that it’s all yours: touch it, take a seat and try them on.

Einmal hatten wir ein Projekt über das Thema, ob die Inneneinrichtung eines Geschäfts die Kunden noch mehr anzieht und wenn dies so ist auf welche Art und Weise. Wahrscheinlich kennen wir alle das Gefühl, wenn die Einrichtung perfekt zu unserm Geschmack oder unseren verträumten Sehnsüchten passt; eine große Fläche, frische Blumen in zeitgemäßen Vasen, ein luxuriöser weicher Teppich und sehr viel Helligkeit. Auf der anderen Seite kann es auch sehr einladend sein, wenn wir uns mal nicht in unserer Komfortzone befinden, raus aus dem Konventionellen… ACNE ist eher letzteres; es hat eine sehr moderne Note, wobei man durch die akkurat aufgestellten Kleiderbügel und den spärlichen Möbeln fast ein ‘Nicht-Anfassen’ Gefühl wie in einem Museum bekommt, aber das Ding ist, es gehört alles euch: fasst es an, nehmt Platz und probiert alles an.

ny ssf

‘I wanted to take a very Swedish slant on history and environment. I was inspired by the Gustavian period of Swedish design, its cleanness and purity, thus to re-interpret that in a modern way. Stockholm is a series of islands, and I wanted to do a take on that. ‘ – Jonny Johansson ♡ ‘Ich wollte einen sehr schwedischen Blickwinkel auf Geschichte und Umgebung. (more…)

(photo courtesy: Reka Pasztor Turak for SilkSoFine (LFW SS13))

(photo courtesy: Reka Pasztor Turak for SilkSoFine (LFW SS13))

As soon as you get in the bi-annual cycle of Fashion Weeks, you will never want to weasel out of it. Fashion Weeks happen twice a year in the major fashion capitals of the world: Paris, Milan, New York and London, but also in the smaller cities like: Copenhagen, Berlin or Athens, and are held several months in advance of the season to allow the press and buyers a chance to preview fashion designs for the following season (Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter). It allows fashion designers, brands and fashion houses to display their latest collections in runway shows and afterwards to exhibit them in showrooms (mainly in Paris), where the buyers can book appointments and private viewings. Fashion Week is a source of inspiration, and is providing great opportunities for personal or professional meetings, while being a creative platform for emerging artists, business insiders, and fashion-minded outsiders.

Sobald ihr in den halbjährlichen Rhythmus der Fashion Weeks kommt, werdet ihr euch nie wieder vor ihm drücken wollen.


Prabal Gurung‘s design philosophy evolves around modern luxury and his great sense of glamour. The Singapore-born, New York-based designer concentrates his creativeness on constant innovation and high quality, by dedicating his pieces to the strong, powerful women. His latest collection – to prove his rightfulness – was influenced by the empowerment of women. The military’s focus on developing armor fit for a woman’s figure addresses a matter of equal opportunity and allows women to move forward in their roles while serving their country. The collection suggests strong but clean silhouettes, contrasting colours and textures, while striving for great effeminacy. What caught my attention for the very first sight was the delicate choice of fabrics such as metallic imperial brocade, crepe back satin, cotton twill, ivory baroque printed silk charmeuse or the hand-embroidered fabric with Swarovski elements. Gurung just served up some proper contemporary glam, don’t you think?

Prabal Gurungs Design Philosophie entwickelt sich um modernen Luxus und seinem großartigen Gespür für Glamour. Der in Singapur geborene und in New York lebende Designer konzentriert seine Kreativität auf stetige Innovation und hohe Qualität und widmet seine Stücke den starken und mächtigen Frauen. (more…)