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Seems like jewellery designers literally dreamed big. Both the last and the upcoming season dictates that less is more, which creates the perfect time for a stand-out accessory. Such piece can perfectly complete a comfy jeans-sweater combination or give some glam to a simple dress worn with heels. It is easy to get lost within the bright crystals incorporated into contemporary silhouettes, since the new trend quickened the imagination of the upcoming designers just as the big fashion houses. Ward’s pieces suggest textural contrasts from a diverse list of materials, such as aluminium wire and gold beadings, yet keeping the overall picture clean, and above all highly contemporary. In contrast to Ward‘s materials, Erickson Beamon‘s tribal-inspired necklace combines Swarovski crystals, lapis lazuli and jade. Elvira Sazesh‘s hand-printed gold prints on suede, gold coloured leather and black suede are the textural expressions she used. Both Fiona Paxton and Susan Caplan took the always ‘in’ material: gold, while Valentino and Miu Miu strayed away from contemporary excess, and rather went with crystal bead embellishment and Swarovski stones. Have you purchased your statement piece yet?

Es scheint so als ob die Schmuckdesigner wortwörtlich Großes im Sinn haben. Sowohl die letzte als auch die jetzige Saison zeigen weniger ist mehr, somit ist es die perfekte Zeit für ein außergewöhnliches Accessoire. (more…)