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EINFACH BERLIN (credits: @iambarnie)

EINFACH BERLIN (credits: @iambarnie)

I was wondering whether I’m too late with this whole post or not but then I remembered the ‘never too late’ cliché, so here it comes: The story started during last Budapest Fashion Week, as in the after party massive EINFACH BERLIN T-s caught my eyes, but you know how it is – the delicious cocktails and fashionable crowd  kept me more busy than making an effort in digging deeper what does EINFACH BERLIN stand for. A few months passed by and they were there again; on Facebook, a sudden Press Release in my mailbox about the upcoming Nanushka x EINFACH BERLIN collaboration and a list of a diverse range of cooler than cool events – open-air film screenings, exhibitions, picnics and parties running under their name – that took place last week in Budapest.

To fully fill up my curiosity I managed to steal some words from Levente Trellay one of the core members of the EINFACH BERLIN team:

Reka / SilkSoFine: How did you guys come up with the idea of EINFACH BERLIN?

Levente / EINFACH BERLIN: Let me recall one of our previous interviews…We figured out the whole idea together with some friends from Berlin as both parties were sharing the enthusiasm for a cultural exchange. The birth of those friendships also meant the birth of EINFACH BERLIN. The whole idea is much about seizing the summer so to say, celebrating a cultural niche, openness and not least Budapest as our very own Berlin.

Reka / SilkSoFine: Why Berlin and not London for example?

Levente / EINFACH BERLIN: We’ve been cherishing a much more personal relationship with Berlin than with London from the beginning, two of us also used to live there, we go back quite often…they are more alike.

Reka / SilkSoFine:  The mini festival is over, how would you evaluate it?

Levente / EINFACH BERLIN: It much lived up to our expectations, honestly, it had the vibe! Thank to our friends’ support and the ever growing network we are dealing with, the mini festival embraced some art, gastro, music, fashion in collaboration with restaurants, bars and Hungarian designer, Nanushka. It’s been the greatest pleasure to see as these fusions worked out.

The festival atmosphere

The festival atmosphere (credits: @iambarnie)

Reka / SilkSoFine: Is there going to be an ‘EINFACH BUDAPEST’ movement in Berlin as well?

Levente / EINFACH BERLIN: Yes exactly, our goal is to start the vice versa story in Berlin.

Reka / SilkSoFine:  And what about the Nanushka collaboration? I’ve got really excited…

Levente / EINFACH BERLIN: It was Barnabas’ idea to sort of fill in the ‘fashion’ gap during the mini festival, and since we mutually respect each other’s work with Szandra Sandor ( Nanushka), it turned out really good. We needed the photos quite fast though so Barnabas just photographed the pieces on me and her sister at the Nanushka-base.


Nanushka x EINFACH BERLIN (credits: @iambarnie)

Reka / SilkSoFine: And my last question would be, what’s the most attractive and special about Berlin for you?

Levente / EINFACH BERLIN: Let’s see…most of all Berlin is very complex, diverse and exciting. The atmosphere suggests openness; it’s very receptive. And last but not least it’s very personal – many thrilling details, cleverly used public spaces that makes it very lovable and livable for someone blessed with constant thirst for the rhythm of Berlin’s vibrant life.

Reka / SilkSoFine: Thank you Levente and we wish you all the very best for the future!


Ich hab mich gefragt, ob ich nicht schon zu spät bin mit diesem Post, aber dann dachte ich an das ‘Es ist niemals zu spät’ Klischee, also los geht’s: Die Geschichte begann während der letzten Budapest Fashion Week, als mir massiv viele EINFACH BERLIN T-s bei der After Party ins Auge fielen, aber ihr wisst ja wie es ist – die leckeren Cocktails und die modische Menge haben mich mehr als genug beschäftigt, als dass ich mir die Mühe gemacht hätte, tiefer zu bohren, wofür EINFACH BERLIN steht. (more…)

Did anybody ever say that Hedi Slimane – the man who rebranded YSL as Saint Laurent Paris in 2012 – is any calculable? He wants us to watch (Y)SL, and the truth is that we dutifully do… Hedi may shock the YSL devoted crowd with the breaking news, which claims the appointment of Marilyn Manson for the label’s pre-fall campaign. For the Saint Laurent Music Project, a self-styled portrait series of grunge queen Courtney Love, Marilyn Manson, Kim Gordon and Ariel Pink as models predicts that the SL Autumn/Winter 2013 collection was just the beginning. The styling is moody and dark so are the faces, while the garments paying homage to rock’n’roll, where tight leathers dominate. The campaign reveals Slimane’s obsession with rock stars by pushing the connection between music and fashion time after time, just like in old times when back in 1971 the fashion house dressed Mick and Bianca Jagger for their iconic St Tropez wedding…

Hat jemals jemand behauptet, Hedi Slimane – der Mann, der YSL mit Saint Laurent Paris im Jahr 2012 ein neues Image verpasst hat – sei berechenbar? Er will, dass wir (Y)SL ansehen und die Wahrheit ist, das wir es brav tun… (more…)

Have you seen the current ELLE UK issue with Miss Rihanna on the cover? The issue is available with two different covers; one includes looks from her Spring/Summer 2013 collection for River Island: a black, zip-through River Island skirt paired with a Louis Vuitton monochrome top, while the other one, a striped bra from the same collection peeking out from Prada’s silk and satin stole. After all ELLE UK interviewed Rihanna about her music, style and controversial relationship with Chris Brown, through 12 pages showcasing Rihanna’s sex appeal besides the text, which runs under the title ‘Rebel’. I think we can all agree on the latter.

Habt ihr die aktuelle ELLE UK Ausgabe mit Miss Rihanna auf dem Cover gesehen? Diese Ausgabe gibt es mit zwei verschiedenen Covern; eines enthält Looks von ihrer Frühjahr/Sommer 2013 Kollektion für River Island: einem schwarzen, zip-through River Island Rock kombiniert mit einem Louis Vuitton Monochrome Top, während das andere sie in einem gestreiften BH der selben Kollektion, der unter Pradas Stola aus Seide und Satin hervorblitzt, zeigt. Die ELLE UK interviewte Rihanna anschließend auf 12 Seiten über ihre Musik, ihren Style und der kontroversen Beziehung mit Chris Brown, während Rihannas Sexappeal neben dem Text mit dem Titel ‘Rebel’ gezeigt wird. Ich denke wir können uns alle auf letzteres einigen.