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Isabel Marant is one of the most in-demand fashion lines in the world – and that is a fact. Having already given us statements like hidden-wedge sneakers or baroque wallpaper resembled bombers, she’s now reaching out to a wider crowd with her collaboration together with H&M. With words like very French, androgynous and bohemian I could best describe  Marant’s world – you do feel her passion in her designs, while at the same time you do feel her modesty too. This makes the whole image around the brand very honest, yet very natural and apparently above all, hers.  Set to hit stores on the 14th of November, the eagerly anticipated capsule collection by Isabel Marant for H&M sees the French designer unveil her debut menswear alongside women’s and kid’s – bringing together her Parisian chic versus laid-back references available for the public. Excitingly for male fans of the brand, Marant has also created her very first full men’s collection as part of the collaboration, featuring heavy knits, biker-inspired leather pants, embroidered jeans and outerwear by balancing a fine line between the male and female collection. Save the date, 14TH OF NOVEMBER!

Isabel Marant ist eine der gefragtesten Modelinien der Welt – und das ist ein Fakt. Sie hat uns schon früher mit Statements versorgt, wie den Sneakern mit versteckten Wedges oder den Bomberjacken mit Mustern, die uns an barocke Tapeten erinnern. (more…)

Botanical garden at it's best (All images: Copenhagen Fashion Week)

Botanical garden at it’s best (All images: Copenhagen Fashion Week)

Taking the coolest boys and girls to a botanical garden is what the Spring/Summer 2014 Bruuns Bazaar collection properly recalled. Just like we expected – since artists and architects are the constant inspirational sources of the Danish brand, the season wasn’t an exception either; their inspiration drew upon a bunch of German architects that challenged traditional construction with living plants under the term ‘Baubotanic’. Due to the many pretty floral prints and delicate lines, the result was rather refreshing; subtly feminine and effortlessly cool predicting the season’s laid back must-haves. The show that took place at the green courtyard of the company’s headquarters already suggested the brand’s ‘close to the nature’ approach, displaying the shades of beige, navy purples and popping light tones for the sake of a fresh touch. We are currently dying for the flower embroidered sweatshirts and the pure white tomboy dress, not to mention the sunnies and matching loafers…

Die coolsten Jungs und Mädels zu einem Botanischen Garten mitnehmen, das ist, woran die Frühjahr/Sommer 2014 Bruuns Bazaar Kollektion tatsächlich erinnert. (more…)

I hope you guys appreciate today’s post, because it’s special in a sense that it’s featuring menswear, which is quite rare on the blog. It has two and a half reasons why I couldn’t just ‘walk away’ from mentioning it; most of all it’s ZARA, and that’s already something worth to be mentioned, the second is that the scene is happened to be the beautiful Budapest, and a half is that every woman needs a stylish man;)  ZARA’s men’s collections always manage to stay masculine and sleek  by aiming the men on the go. Making a return for the fall collection, the range includes chinos, leather jackets, trench coats, tailored blazers and oversized bags in the selection of heavy materials – perfect for business or travelling as well. The black&white images and the streets of Budapest recalled the perfect forwarder of the winter months, not to mention the masculine silhouettes and clean lines worn by dashing young models…As can be expected from Zara A/W13 collection it is such a simply yet sophisticated affair that is effortlessly stylish.

Ich hoffe, euch gefällt der heutige Post, denn er ist etwas Besonderes in dem Sinne, dass er von Männerkleidung handelt, was auf diesem Blog ziemlich selten ist. (more…)

(all images: h&m)

(all images: h&m)

The summer fever continues at H&M with a fresh campaign featuring the key pieces for women, men and kids being photographed in and around a beach house near Tulum in Mexico dressed in casual summer pieces, accessorised with colourful jewels and summer hats. While the cuts and silhouettes remain sporty and laid-back, the tribal heat of Africa comes to swimwear at H&M this summer with colours and motifs of the continent. For men there’s informal beach looks along with tailored shorts for hot summer nights, and the campaign also features all the looks for kids in the sun, featuring alike prints and fabrics as in the main collections.

Das Sommerfieber geht bei H&M mit einer frischen Kampagne weiter, die Schlüsselstücke für Frauen, Männer und Kinder enthält, fotografiert in und an einem Strandhaus bei Tulum in Mexiko, wobei sie lässigen Kleidung tragen mit buntem Schmuck und Sommerhüten als Accessoires. (more…)

Street Fashion, Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 RTW ( all images:fairchild)

Street Fashion, Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 RTW ( all images:fairchild)

There are truths and cliches in life, which cannot be understood, answered or generalised equally in every part of the world. Culinary habits, religion, politics or fashion are some of these issues, where cultural background and a common sense has an essential role in complete understanding. The other day I ran into a photograph posted by Schiffer Miklos style-and lifestyle writer, picturing a perfectly handsome, south-type man, in a sharp suit and suede loafers – wearing no socks. The socks vs. no socks dilemma instantly raised a discussion and split the audience. It was one little, but a rather thoughtful remark on ‘the perfect man without socks’ topic – that was probably born in the Italian Riviera, where it is a fully natural phenomenon or what’s more: a cliche, with all the leather goods worn on bare feet, with tailored 8/9 pants, while in other places it’s simply unacceptable or uncomprehending. Such things like the issue of the socks have way too much cultural norms, habits and traditions in the background but thank to the influence of fashion trends the perception of many has changed despite the geographical belonging. About two seasons earlier, the whole menfolk of London has thrown away their socks’; it was a fast fad, which seemed to hit people in the right moment, hence the fad became a style. As with all things; there are exceptions to every rule and ultimately one will need to decide for himself when and how to go without socks, or rather whether to go without them at all. The cream of Schiffer’s remark were of course the diverse comments: the pros and cons, the voices of tastemakers, adopters and conservatives, while non is being any less or more right… Just think about Coco Chanel’s trousers revolution; we can take changes in, it’s just a matter of time or lets say attitude.

Es gibt Wahrheiten und Klischees im Leben, die einfach nicht gleichermaßen in allen Teilen der Welt verstanden, beantwortet oder verallgemeinert werden können. Kulinarische Angewohnheiten, Religion, Politik oder Mode gehören zu diesen Themen, wo der kulturelle Hintergrund und Common Sense eine essentielle Rolle beim vollständigen Verständnis spielen. (more…)