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The yellow&grey harmony

VEKTOR Berlin // All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine

VEKTOR Berlin // All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine

The VEKTOR store at Gormannstraße 23

The VEKTOR store at Gormannstraße 23

Berlin seems to offer an utter fusion for everything and when it comes to fashion, genius meets the spirit of time. V E K T O R appears to be the most recent and appropriate example for the foregone. Young designers, Kristina Puljan and Martin Eichler were contemporaneously drawn to Berlin and got to know and love each other at the university ESMOD where they both studied. And no, it is not corny at all but the perfect base for something that Berlin was waiting for and found its opening and launch on a sun-drenched thursday early evening in Mitte.


Jessies from Journelles wearing G-Shock in icecream colors

Jessie from Journelles wearing G-Shock in icecream colors / All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine

Jessie's pick

Jessie’s pick

Although Berlin Fashion Week already lies behind us I can still feel the breeze of sleep deficiency and the need to sort my thoughts and impressions. As inveterate as fashion week in Berlin is as great are the post-fashion week events – because people cannot get enough. Ever.
Last week I was presenting the G-Sessions opening event based on the 30th anniversary of Casio’s G-Shock model. It is actually a session of 4 events so I am still up to a closing party and post-closing party. Great expectations I guess. For this second event G-Shock collaborated with the most important bloggers from the Berlin blogger sphere. Among them were Jessie from Journelles, Jakob from Dandy Diary, Stil in Berlin’s Mary Scherpe as well as Katrin from Metropolitan Circus and other incredible bloggers. Each of them had the chance to stage their very favorite G-Shock model of which we could admire the results during yesterday’s event. Within a very beautiful yet simple and minimalistic installation the photographies of the bloggers and their selected favorite were exhibited. Naturally every watch was displayed properly and obviously ready to be bought. While Carl Jakob decided to wear the Maison Martin Margiela G-Shock (review it in last Sundays post) that has been designed in the frame of their latest designer collaboration, Jessie opted for a more colorful and fancy version in ice cream pastels. I consider this as a very well thought through summer adequate decision, since summer seems to be having an inner conflict of either being authentic or playing the cool side.
Since Voo Store hosted the event and will also be hosting the upcoming G-Sessions events and because Kenzo, Carven and co. finally brought their new collections into the stores I benefited from my attendence yesterday and reviewed the new sweaters and embroderies for you. I must say that Voo Store in Kreuzberg is one fantastic store, offering an incredible vibe that no Kenzo store or department store could ever provide. For sure this is not for everybody but the ones, looking for a contrasty and grounded high-fashion shopping experience. While the Kenzo tiger did not caught my attention too much during the last seasons, the new cloudy and heavenly implemented prints are more attractive to me. The unostentatious label embroidering in light silver is the character I was wishing for in times of the tiger that is still of great actuality. I always had this strange feeling that this Kenzo tiger was taking all over and did not leave space for individuality. Since I am hyper-sensitized by now, I feel this dangerous penchant for this Kenzo creation and I do not hope that I will end up with a tiger in my closet when this should be long gone. Maybe I will opt for the clouds, what do you say?

Auch wenn die Berliner Fashion Week nun schon wieder ein ganzes Stück hinter uns liegt, verspüre ich noch immer einen Hauch meines Schlafdefizits und dem dazugehörigen Drang, meine Eindrücke passé passieren zu lassen und zu sortieren. So unverbesserlich, wie die Berliner Fashion Week ist, sind auch die ‘Nach-Events’ – weil die Leute einfach nicht genug kriegen können. Immer. (more…)

(all images: fairchild)

(all images: fairchild)

Paris-based brand, Kenzo was launched in 1970 as the brainchild of Japanese-born Kenzo Takada. Its brand identity epitomises the ‘West meets East’ feeling and aesthetics, by merging fun prints with an ethnic vibe, flowers and textures for the sake of blending Kenzo’s natural Japanese influences with the Parisian culture. Today, the label runs under the hands of Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, who kept on continuing Takadas’s vivid imagery in terms of colours and prints. Kenzo’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection continued to carry their usual aesthetics; bold, colourful and youthful, but it was more directional and focused, grown-up so to say. After such staple items like their ‘Tiger Fever’ range sweaters, lush jacquards and lotus prints were contained within the kind of street wear range, recalling Indian Temples and cool ‘eye’ motifs. Whats going to be their next standout print?

Die in Paris ansässige Marke Kenzo wurde 1960 lanciert, als Idee des in Japan geborenen Kenzo Takada. Die Identität der Marke verkörpert die ‘Westen trifft auf Osten’ Mentalität und Ästhetik, indem tolle Muster mit einem ethnischen Touch, Blumen und Stoffen vermischt werden, um Kenzos natürlichen japanischen Einflüsse mit der Pariser Kultur zu vereinen. (more…)