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Winter wonderland in the kitchen

Winter wonderland in the kitchen by silksofine featuring vintage plates


I’m wondering whether you share my opinion, but it’s such a gift in life that we can own a couple of professions at the very same time without having them proved on paper…Usually people have one job, which they make a living from, but imagine, women are mothers, chefs, interior designer and who know what else? While men are also fathers, drivers, chefs and repairmen. For now I would just go with the ‘being an interior designer issue’, which requires interest, creativity, passion and not least some time. When you build or buy a new home, you madly want it to live up to the imagery one, which you kept on dreaming and daydreaming day and night ever since you knew it’s time to move. Ladies, it’s just a matter of a little spirit to be the designer of your new home and now I’ll show you where to start:

1. Tumblr, Pinterest, Favim, Flickr, Interior magazines are the best sources of inspiration, be prescient and gather your inspiration on Pinterest, or what’s better but a little more time-consuming make moodboards…even tangible ones. (Yes, I literally meant paper and texture collages). By the way,  take your chance and involve your kids too, and teach them how to cut out simple shapes precisely.

2. If you got a sudden impulse, dare to sketch or take notes. Remember, this will be your home for decades.

3. Collaborate with the carpenter and painters, they will be the ones who execute your dreams.

Another good thing to have on mind is that what kind of style and lifestyle do you represent? Will it be a cosy place for a big family or for a traveller couple, and will the space serve you in every kind of situation? Balance function and style to make the best out of it;)

Ich frage mich, ob ihr meine Meinung teilt, aber es ist so ein Geschenk im Leben, dass wir heutzutage mehrere Berufe zur gleichen Zeit ausüben können, ohne dass es auf dem Papier steht… (more…)