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Despite any misbeliefs, sporty is the new sexy  (if you by any chance haven’t heard about it yet), mainly when the hot bodies are ‘covered’ by even hotter pieces. Victoria’s Secret introduces a sports collection worn by sporty Angels such as Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo, Doutzen Kroes or Lindsay Ellingson. The models show off the latest in’s in activewear for the season, by bringing the same sexy allure to athletic gear that they bring on the catwalk with the selection of sports bras or exercise pants. Since the bras are ringed in as the ‘world’s best sport bras’ we cannot wait to order some of them and keep alive the motivation for our daily fitness. By the way guys; do you have any tips how to stick with the sporty attitude during the colder months? We would love to hear some of your tips too…PS The world’s best sport bras are now available in all Victoria’s Secret stores and at in every kind of colour ways, yay!

Ob ihr es glauben wollt oder nicht, sportlich ist definitiv das neue sexy, denn es geht darum die heißen Bodys in noch heißere Dessous zu stecken! Victoria’s Secret bringt gerade eine Sportkollektion heraus, die von den fitten Models Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo, Doutzen Kroes oder Lindsay Ellingson präsentiert wird. (more…)

Dear ladies! For today’s post I’ll need your opinions and experiences to discuss some hair issues. We all have our favourite and least favourite body parts, our little tricks and tips on what to show and hide, but most probably we all have some special relation with our hair, hopefully a kind of a love-affair. We all want a mane of soft, silky, touchable locks but the reality is that hair grows only about a centimetre per month; and after years of colouring and straightening, it’s rather far from our dream hair…unless you consider the facts below and give the necessary treat for your hair.

1. Both colouring and over-washing can dry out your hair, so the less you shampoo and ammonia, the more hydrated it will be and the longer it will grow without breaking.

2. Condition, condition, condition. When your hair is well hydrated, it is less likely to dry out and split. Hair is a bit like skin – it takes a little of experimenting until you find your best matching products. I’d recommend natural products, and argan oil not from the shops but straight from Morocco.

3. Visit your hairdresser on a regular basis…Once in two months is the optimal.

4. It’s no secret that straight-haired women yearn for curly hair and vice-versa but try to protect your hair from heated styling tools, rather visit the hairdresser to help you achieve the desired style with professional methods.

5. And the hardest part for me: Let your hair down…Keeping your hair tightly pulled back can be damaging because the hair is being unnaturally pulled and tugged. Also, the act of pulling an elastic on and off can lead to breakage. The ones who love messy buns as much as I do, I can suggest doughnuts;)

Do you have any never-falling tricks or products which did the magic for you and your hair? Feel free to share your tips with us!

Liebe Mädels! Für den heutigen Post brauche ich eure Meinungen und Erfahrungen, um einige haarige Angelegenheiten diskutieren zu können. Wir alle haben unsere liebsten und am wenigsten geliebten Körperteile, unsere kleinen Tricks und Tipps, was wir zeigen und was wir verstecken, aber höchstwahrscheinlich haben wir alle eine besondere Beziehung zu unseren Haaren, hoffentlich sowas wie eine Liebesaffäre.


(image: theones2watch/credits Photography by Kinya Styling by Kristina Chanel Hair by Eiji Kadota Makeup by Kouta @ Jedroot Model(s) Vika Falileeva @ Ford)

(image: theones2watch/credits Photography by Kinya Styling by Kristina Chanel Hair by Eiji Kadota Makeup by Kouta @ Jedroot Model(s) Vika Falileeva @ Ford)

No make-up is the new make-up. Well, it’s not entirely true, but one thing is sure: the season prefers healthy, laid-back make-up over the smokey eyes and perfectly masked faces. This summer’s Baywatch-sexy must-haves include bronze toners, brush for the messy eyebrows, waterproof mascara and colourful nails and lipsticks. To be able to avoid liquid make-up you will need to have your daily beauty sleep, lots of water, fresh fruits and veggies, and some D-vitamin from the sun. As for the hairstyle, it is no question that voluminous yet wearable looks should have the major presence; loose knots or messy wind-blown braids are not only comfortable but are also suggesting the perfect too-cool-to-care and the lets-rock-the-beach looks. All in all ladies, go nude! There’s no better time to let your natural beauty shine through than the lively summer months. With the aid of a little concealer, tinted moisturiser and glow on the cheekbones to achieve your desired finish, you’re ready to go. PS don’t forget the sunnies!

Kein Make-up ist das neue Make-up. Nun, das stimmt so nicht ganz, aber eine Sache ist sicher: Die Saison zieht gesundes, entspanntes Make-up gegenüber Smokey Eyes und perfekt maskierten Gesichtern vor. Die sexy Baywatch-Must-Haves des Sommers beinhalten Bronze Toner, Bürsten für die unordentlichen Augenbrauen, Wasserfesten Mascara und bunte Nägel und Lippenstifte. Um Flüssig Make-up vermeiden zu können, braucht ihr täglich euren Schönheitsschlaf, viel Wasser, frisches Obst und Gemüse und Vitamin D durch die Sonne. Was eure Frisur betrifft, es ist keine Frage, dass voluminöse, aber tragbare Looks die größte Präsenz haben sollten; lockere Knoten oder unordentliche, windzerzauste Zöpfe sind nicht nur bequem sondern stehen für die perfekten ‘Too-Cool-To-Care’ und ‘Lets-Rock-The-Beach’ Looks. Mädels, alles in allem benutzt Nude! Es gibt keine bessere Zeit als die wunderbaren Sommermonate, um eure natürliche Schönheit erstrahlen zu lassen. Mit der Hilfe von etwas Concealer, getönter Feuchtigkeitscreme und einem Schimmer auf den Wangenknochen, um das gewünschte Finish zu erzielen, seid ihr schon fertig. PS: Vergesst nicht die Sonnenbrille!

(all images: condenast)

(all images: condenast)

1 kg of strawberries, hulled and halved

1/2 cup sugar (can be replaced with honey or stevia)

2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

A hint of premium vanilla ice cream (can be replaced with low-fat yoghurt and vanilla extract)

Erdbeer-Vanille Frozen Yoghurt

1 kg Erdbeeren, geputzt und halbiert

1/2 Tasse Zucker (kann durch Honig oder Stevia ersetzt werden)

2 Teelöffel frischgepresster Zitronensaft

Ein wenig Premium Vanilleeis (kann durch fettarmen Joghurt und Vanilleextrakt ersetzt werden) (more…)

veggie fajita (source: Sweet On Veg)

veggie fajita (source: Sweet On Veg)

I might be a little late with this post as I just missed giving you weekend tips lunch-wise, but lets keep them on mind until the next one. As we were recently providing you with spring body-shaping tips, it turned out that actually only 30% of the magic happens in the gym and the rest is in the kitchen. Since most of us is usually lacking time, it’s important to learn some easily manageable dishes with the usage of such ingredients as veggies, fruits, proteins, olive oil and seeds. Also it’s good to watch how to combine the different ingredients for the sake of getting enough of vitamins, protein, iron and to cover our daily needs. What could make cooking more fun is to buy stylish plates and cutleries – I prefer big spacious plates, which has some space to stylishly arrange the portions of food – also try to experiment with different spices, and switch ideas with your friends. To deal with a bit rough, yet true cliche, don’t forget: ‘You are what you eat!’

Es könnte sein, dass ich etwas spät dran bin mit diesem Post, da ich es genau verpasst habe, euch Tipps fürs Wochenende zu geben was das Mittagessen angeht, aber wir können sie ja im Gedächtnis behalten bis zum nächsten. (more…)

Let me introduce you a former pro-athlete, personal trainer and founder of Never Quit: Marc Nielsen. I train with Marc for a while and knowing how worried me and my friends can be when the time comes to leave the winter covers away, it seemed to be obvious to ask his advice. Read what he tells us about:


By Marc Nielsen

Last week at the gym it stroked again. The first rays of spring sunshine heat up the Earth and people’s synapses crash just like every spring. The perfect beach-body has to come fast because it’s only a few more weeks until shorts and little summer dresses. Hysteria settles. The question is what to do?

Only to go fast a couple of times running or signing a 24-month gym-contract is not the deal. When one Sunday there is nothing in my fridge and I rush to get something to eat to the nearest gas station I pay extra because I want it fast. To be able to get a beach body within a very short time is an illusion, fuelled by the media. It’s like playing soccer for two weeks and thinking you will be able to join the next FIFA World Cup. It is simply impossible.

 Nevertheless we want to help you to gain a healthy and fit start into the new summer, and even more: with our tips you will become fitter, healthier, slimmer and get in better shape than ever before.

Model: WBFF Pro Fiola Biork, Photographer Arnor Halldorsson, Make-up by Harpa Sif Sævarsdottir

Model: WBFF Pro Fiola Biork, Photographer Arnor Halldorsson, Make-up by Harpa Sif Sævarsdottir


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