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Jil Sander Spring 2014 RTW (All images: Fairchild)

Jil Sander Spring 2014 RTW (All images: Fairchild)

In the last few years we have experienced a massive ‘they-come-and-go’ effect in case of creative directors at the biggest fashion houses; they switch, leave, disappear and might never come back or, on the contrary, they start to shine as a newborn stars under a different name – freshly. As always, there are exceptions – occasional comebacks. By now you might have already figured out that my flow of thoughts is referring to the latest breaking news about Jil Sander, who had now stepped down for the third time. While I would say – or rather bag – ‘Oh Jil, don’t go!’; Vogue already wonders, ‘Who Will Take The Reins At Jil Sander?’…The thing is though, that ever since she sold her company to Prada, back in 1999, she has not been sure whether she wanted to stay at all. As WWD reported, so far one name, Gabriele Colangelo, has come to the fore who took on the pared-back aesthetics, the precision of cut and apparently he is breathing the same minimalist air the brand has always been represented. She – Jil herself – gave us the women who is never over-decorated, by setting the standard for minimalism that was both courageous and inspiring yet most of all inimitable. The fashion lips say that the German designer is about to exit her eponymous brand due to personal reasons, and that is something we might never get to know for sure and we might actually don’t even need to do so…she deserves only our homage, no matter what. If you may apologise for getting too personal, I must say that this has been a real breaking news for us that brought some real sadness in its trail, but we know that she made her stamp on the fashion industry so firmly that it will never ever fade away. Thank you, Jil!

In den letzten Jahren gab es immer wieder ein Kommen und Gehen, was die Creative Directors der großen Modehäuser angeht: Sie wechseln die Marken, gehen oder verschwinden gar und kommen vielleicht nie wieder, aber andererseits erscheinen sie manchmal wie neugeboren und beginnen frisch von vorn unter einem neuen Namen. (more…)



All images and interview translation: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // SIMON&ME favorite rag with the 002 Basic Shirt

SIMON&ME is the story about someone who finally is courageous enough to counteract this inexorably urge of consumption, when origin or low-price-logics are not even vaguely considered and the epidemic seems to contaminate way too many people. It was SIMON’s conceptualism, his perfect visualization of desires and dreams and courage to finally raise the voice. SIMON&ME is everything but a mass. It is a perfect selection of beautiful things Made in Germany, consciously hand worked and products that do have soul. A BERLIN must for everyone who is ready to give up mass consumption for an utterly subtle selection of basic needs.

I always think that outside observers can never find the right words for such a unique concept. That is why I asked Simon himself: (more…)

Bambi Magazine (All images: Loreen Hinz)

Bambi Magazine (All images: Loreen Hinz)

Probably if someone would ask you what fascinates you the most within the pages ofVogueELLE or i-D, the answer would most likely be the visual treat; the images. I’ve met Loreen Hinz Germany-based photographer through a lovely friend of mine and I took the opportunity to ask her about her passion and profession; photography, through which she is portraying her very own style in terms of photographic imagery.

In the first place I asked her about who is Loreen the photographer? How and when did her passion towards photography started out? What does she tend to capture; is it beauty, inner beauty, a piece of art or the mixture of the these?



Reka SilkSoFine: Let’s start Lori, tell us a bit about yourself!

Lori: My name is Loreen Hinz, I was born in 1983 in east Saxony and I’m currently located in the German capital Berlin, and occasionally in Leipzig. The very first time I took photos was during my second studies. I adored fashion stories in Vogue and did some fashion shots, but the models were never as beautiful, the clothes as outstanding, the make-up as cool like in the pages of Vogue. This depressed me a lot. The revelation of my passion towards photography began when I first saw the pictures of French photographer, Sarah Moon – it was different. I fell in love with those diffuse, colorful, painting-like pictures, which set me free from the pressure of sharpness and perfection. Today there are many inspirations in my everyday life – fashion magazines and blogs, reports about history and art or even a beautiful face on the street. (more…)

(source: fairchild)

(source: fairchild)

Are you guys busy Following GErmany’s next topmodel? Tonight is the finale of the 8th Season, which will be broadcasted live from Berlin. The host of the show, Heidi Klum, great German model, television host, businesswoman, fashion designer, who has also hosted the Project Runway shows before and was featured in America’s Got Talent as the show’s new fourth judge. She is the first German model who became a Victoria’s Secret Angel, she has been featured on the covers of Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Elle, and Marie Clair, and furthermore she’s gots two fragrances, called ‘Heidi Klum’ and ‘Me’. So tonight is the night when Heidi will finally reveal the winner of the Germany’s Next Topmodel competition in the person of either Luise – who’s participating in the competition for the second time, the only 16-years-old talented Lovelyn, lovely Sabrina or the ginger beauty Maike? Who’s your favourite? Stay tuned and follow the happenings live from 20:15,ProSieben: Germany´s Next Topmodel!

Schaut ihr auch Germany’s Next Topmodel? Heute Abend ist das Finale der 8. Staffel, das live aus Berlin gesendet wird. (more…)

I am a regular at Cocoon Inn, an amazing beauty resort at the very north of Germany. When I go there I know I will have fun, lovely conversations while having my manicure or a good relax during a lomi-lomi massage.

Cocoon Inn Beauty Resort - relaxing place, lovely people

Cocoon Inn Beauty Resort – relaxing place, lovely people

The people who work there are heartful and they make me feel beautiful every single time I leave the saloon. The secret of them doing a very professional job must be that they do it with heart and passion. Besides, Cocoon Inn has fantastic, high quality beauty products – Sensai from Kanebo, Campos Ibiza, OPI, Sparitual and Panpuri.

Cocoon Inn Beauty Resort

Cocoon Inn Beauty Resort

People living in Schleswig-Holstein, this is the beauty resort to go!

Now Cocoon Inn teamed up with SilkSoFine and offered a beautiful giveaway package. The set includes one eye-shadow set, one lipstick and one nail polish – all in refreshing spring colors at the same time for me they seem to work for every season. The nail polish is from OPI’s Euro Centrale collection I have written about earlier on this blog… and one lucky person will win it all!

The giveaway contest will be announced this evening. For details about how to participate stay tuned!

Ich bin eine regelmäßige Besucherin im Cocoon Inn, einem wundervollen Beauty Ressort ganz im Norden Deutschlands. Wenn ich dort hin gehe, weiß ich, dass ich Spaß haben werde – tolle Gespräche während ich meine Maniküre bekomme oder pure Entspannung während einer Lomi-Lomi Massage.  (more…)