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‘There is not an hour in a day when I don’t work’ – confessed Tom Ford in this documentary, that is the insight to the life of the world-renown designer; his view on fashion, work, and life in general. You will find some of the most inspiring quotes ever suppressed in the documentary, that is well worth the 40 minutes. Tom Ford had built an unmistakable fashion empire by the time he was 30 years old, starting off as head designer at Gucci, earning his way up in the fashion industry, besides lately directing films and being a multifaceted creative genius of the era, whose talent expand far beyond simply fashion. He explains “I believe in enhanced reality with fashion. Fashion creates a bit of a dream. That’s the whole point of I think dressing up, you feel better about yourself. It’s an enhanced version of who you are.” If this is the place for commercials, don’t miss watching his movie; A Single Man! It’s much more than just brilliant!

‘Es gibt keine Stunde am Tag, in der ich nicht arbeite’, gestand Tom Ford in seiner Dokumentation, die eine Einsicht in das Leben des weltberühmten Designers gibt, seine Sicht auf Mode, Arbeit und das Leben an sich. (more…)

Surely Prada’s video campaigns never, ever disappoint. The ‘Real Fantasies’ series by Prada continues also for this coming fall season, picturing a  beautifully surreal, collage-like short film directed by once again the Rotterdam-based creatives, AMO. ‘The Characters perform in a world of distorted normality, a collection of everyday moments assembled together to form the film noir of commonness.’ Displaying profound romanticism, and the ambience of reality vs. fantasy, the short film merges urban animation with models in constant motion. Not to forget about its real point; the essence is captured through Prada’s sophisticated designs in terms of massive furs, slim waistlines and not least the suits&ties matches. Just like the movie, the looks also felt a little off balance; subtle illusions and a certain mystery  surrounded the collection itself – but in the end, as always, the whole is just to be seen as the ultimate form of perfection by Miuccia Prada. She made us curious, again.

Pradas Video Kampagnen enttäuschen uns mit Sicherheit niemals. Die ‘Real Fantasies’ Serie by Prada wird auch für die kommende Herbstsaison fortgesetzt, wobei ein wunderschön surrealer, collagenhafter Kurzfilm gezeigt wird, der wiedermal unter der Regie der in Rotterdam ansässigen Kreativen, AMO, entstanden ist. (more…)

 Karl Lagerfeld (Image: Fairchild)

Karl Lagerfeld (Image: Fairchild)

There have always been and still are people who you can almost identify with one magic word such as peace, love or even fashion. I’m talking about personalities who’s life is their message. Undoubtedly Karl Lagerfeld can be fit in those few and probably I don’t have to much discuss the why-s and how-s but to still get to the point; Karl Lagerfeld is our era’s so called ‘Fashion Pope’. Call him insane or an exceptional genius, the upcoming four-hours mini documentary that focuses on the designer’s career and the relationship between fashion and religion – drawing comparisons between fashion magazines and the Bible, and likening models to angels – will explain a lifestyle that is hard to imagine, difficult to understand and impossible to copy. The film was directed by television journalist Martina Neuen and will debut on the 7th of September in Munich, which Lagerfeld is expected to attend, to coincide with the launch of his boutique in the German city – as stated on Vogue. And what to expect from the film? The ever closest insight to Lagerfeld’s personality, much about devotion, fashion as a religion, fascination and a bunch of interviews with among others Diane Kruger, Sarah Jessica Parker, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Suzy Menkes and Milla Jovovich. It’s going to be big!

Es gab schon immer und wird auch immer Menschen geben, die man fast mit einem einzigen magischen Wort identifizieren kann, wie zum Beispiel Frieden, Liebe oder sogar Mode. Ich spreche von Persönlichkeiten, deren Leben ihre Botschaft ist. (more…)