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As a queen of Danish fashion, Malene Birger behind the by Malene Birger label is blurring the boundaries between Scandinavian minimalism and effortless Parisian sophistication. The celebrated Danish designer creates for the woman with the crave for power and effeminacy in this ever-rushing era. The collection that embraced both business-like outfits and dreamy summer gowns meant to emphasise individuality as the biggest treasure one can posses. The signature Birger-trademarks were featured in terms of the colour palette varying from blacks through pinks to pure whites, while the edgy mens-tailoring feel did not fade away either. We especially loved the designer’s take on the flowing pants-shirt-blazer match, just as the gradient from-white-to-pink maxi skirt and pleated sheer detailing. I guess we know what to save some money for…

Als eine Königin der dänischen Mode lässt Malene Birger hinter dem Label by Malene Birger die Grenzen zwischen skandinavischem Minimalismus und müheloser Pariser Eleganz verschwimmen. Die gefeierte dänische Designerin kreiert für die Frau mit dem Streben nach Macht und Femininität in dieser immer übereilten Ära. (more…)

EST.1995 Benedikte Utzon Wardrobe is a Danish clothing company aiming for the fashion conscious woman who wants to express her personal style with unique designs in beautiful shades’ – is what the EST.1995 Benedikte Utzon Wardrobe  show reflected perfectly as well the other day during Copenhagen Fashion Week. The show was held at Copenhagen’s City Hall – as most of the others, but there was something different; cosy reddish lights and a ‘carpet’ of pink roses indicated the models way on the catwalk. Despite the Spring/Summer collection, fur was again on the catwalk, beautifully matching the slightly sporty, yet rather feminine pieces. Throughout the entire collection the fashionable woman was present who loves simple, functional and at the same time very chic looks. In the collection, light fabrics such as silk or sheers and heavier materials as fur or leather were mixed to give a sense of Utzon-like lightness and glamour.

EST.1995 Benedikte Utzon Wardrobe ist eine dänische Bekleidungsmark, deren Zielgruppe die modebewusste Frau ist, die ihren persönlichen Stil mit einzigartigen Designs und schönen Farben ausdrücken will.’ – dies reflektiert die EST.1995 Benedikte Utzon Wardrobe Show neulich auf der Kopenhagen Fashion Week auch perfekt. (more…)

The much awaited Copenhagen Fashion Week is yet to come so it’s time to refresh some memories from last season. To start with a truly and eternally beloved one – by staying loyal to her signature style, Stine Goya invited us to a trip to the Moon with her latest Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. The designer – blessed with a great imagination – took the inspiration from the movie called ‘A trip to the Moon’, which was one of the first movies with special effects. Stine added colour splashes to the otherwise mostly pastel palette completed with some black and white pieces, which she topped with foil-print effects and golden details for the sake of recalling the textures of the moon. The inevitable golden elements and specifically mosaic prints are the key details season after season, which strongly belong to Stine’s world and way of adding hand-embroidered details. Her magic talent to create poetic and beautiful collections that are embracing designs with a story behind literally shined through again.  Watch the new ‘A trip to the Moon’ short film a la Stine Goya!

Die lang ersehnte Kopenhagen Fashion Week wird erst noch kommen, also ist es Zeit, einige unserer Erinnerungen der letzten Saison etwas aufzufrischen. (more…)

Vanessa Bruno AW13 (Images: Fairchild)

Vanessa Bruno AW13 (Images: Fairchild)

The battle between the boy and the girl is what Vanessa Bruno recalled in her AW13 collection, and yet again captured the art of genderless business uniforms. The structural patterns, pleats, lack-of embellishment and monochrome colour palette have all given a great androgynous feel to the collection that also carried a purist tone. Non of the pieces emphasised really the forms of the body but rather spoke of shapeless silhouettes with minimal attachments apart from a large collared shirt and ribbed panelling forming as the only detailing. A touch of effeminacy merged masculine edge is what the Parisian designer masters besides quality and refined finishing while having its whole charm based on the effortlessly beautiful French woman. Lucky me, a month to go and a Vanessa Bruno flagship store will be opening in Copenhagen, but don’t worry she’s already got one in Berlin and many more in London, Paris, Switzerland etc.

Der Kampf zwischen dem Jungen und dem Mädchen ist das Motiv, das Vanessa Bruno in ihrer AW13 Kollektion aufgerufen hat und sie hat mal wieder die Kunst der geschlechtslosen Businessuniform eingefangen. (more…)

(source: flur magazine)

(source: flur magazine)

A few weeks ago I referred to my styling project, and I promised to share some insights about how did it all go. First of all you have to know, that the lovely team – which gathered to execute the photographer’s, Manuela Iodice’s visual concept – met for the very first time on the occasion of this project. Manuela is from Rome, Italy and we met online as she was seeking for a stylist in Copenhagen. I was really glad because she had the perfect possible location on mind: The Black Diamond, and the rest was kind of evident, so to say. We agreed on minimalistic pieces, laid-back silhouettes, some grunge blended natural feel the whole fashion story should suggest. The project was a collaboration between Manuela and model Anne Christine Kjer Hansen from SCOOP, who happened to be the perfect choice with all her modern beauty attributes: a bit of scandinavia (skin&hair), youthful freshness (in her eyes) and a touch of chic grunge-effect (in her postures). As a stylist, I had to select the pieces, combine them and make sure it looks the way it’s supposed to look on each photograph. See the rest of the images on FLUR Magazine.

Vor einigen Wochen habe ich euch von meinem Styling Projekt erzählt und euch versprochen, euch weitere Einblick darin zu geben, wie es lief. (more…)

Image: Fairchild

Image: Fairchild

Today I dropped by the shop called BIK BOK in Copenhagen (where I previously purchased my all time favourite wool sweater), but just before I checked their website to see what’s currently on the shelves. And there was the breaking, and so much awaited news I’ve been waiting for so long: the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for BIK BOK collaboration is coming in the Fall 2013 season. I think H&M does it pretty smart with all the collaborations they have, but I’ve always been looking forward to a collaboration with the two-of-a-kind tastemaker twins. No doubts, that the whole Scandinavian market is impatiently waiting for the collections, in hope of something unusually chic and stylish, with much anticipation. The Olsen sisters have achieved a great success with their brand: The Row, and there is no doubt that their collections for BIK BOK will make a stir on the market. What we know in advance is that the collections (three in number) will reflect Mary-Kate and Ashley’s vision with inspiration from ruling trends with the Scandinavian ‘It-girl’ as a role model. We are keen to see the collections!

Heute habe ich bei dem Shop namens BIK BOK in Kopenhagen vorbeigeschaut (wo ich vor einiger Zeit meinen absolut liebsten Wollpullover gekauft habe), doch zuvor schaute ich mir nochmal ihre Website an, um zu sehen was es momentan in den Läden gibt. (more…)


Once we had a project on whether shop interior attracts customers more, and if does so, in what way. Probably we all know the feeling when the shop’s interior perfectly matches our taste or dreamy desires; much of spacey square meters, fresh flowers in contemporary vases, a luxurious soft carpet and lots of brightness. On the other hand it can also be inviting when it’s out of our comfort zones, out of the convectional…ACNE is rather a bit of the latter; it has a great deal of modern edge by revealing almost a museum-like ‘do-not-touch’ feeling through the strictly organised hangers, but the twist is that it’s all yours: touch it, take a seat and try them on.

Einmal hatten wir ein Projekt über das Thema, ob die Inneneinrichtung eines Geschäfts die Kunden noch mehr anzieht und wenn dies so ist auf welche Art und Weise. Wahrscheinlich kennen wir alle das Gefühl, wenn die Einrichtung perfekt zu unserm Geschmack oder unseren verträumten Sehnsüchten passt; eine große Fläche, frische Blumen in zeitgemäßen Vasen, ein luxuriöser weicher Teppich und sehr viel Helligkeit. Auf der anderen Seite kann es auch sehr einladend sein, wenn wir uns mal nicht in unserer Komfortzone befinden, raus aus dem Konventionellen… ACNE ist eher letzteres; es hat eine sehr moderne Note, wobei man durch die akkurat aufgestellten Kleiderbügel und den spärlichen Möbeln fast ein ‘Nicht-Anfassen’ Gefühl wie in einem Museum bekommt, aber das Ding ist, es gehört alles euch: fasst es an, nehmt Platz und probiert alles an.

ny ssf

‘I wanted to take a very Swedish slant on history and environment. I was inspired by the Gustavian period of Swedish design, its cleanness and purity, thus to re-interpret that in a modern way. Stockholm is a series of islands, and I wanted to do a take on that. ‘ – Jonny Johansson ♡ ‘Ich wollte einen sehr schwedischen Blickwinkel auf Geschichte und Umgebung. (more…)

(photo courtesy: Reka Pasztor Turak for SilkSoFine (LFW SS13))

(photo courtesy: Reka Pasztor Turak for SilkSoFine (LFW SS13))

As soon as you get in the bi-annual cycle of Fashion Weeks, you will never want to weasel out of it. Fashion Weeks happen twice a year in the major fashion capitals of the world: Paris, Milan, New York and London, but also in the smaller cities like: Copenhagen, Berlin or Athens, and are held several months in advance of the season to allow the press and buyers a chance to preview fashion designs for the following season (Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter). It allows fashion designers, brands and fashion houses to display their latest collections in runway shows and afterwards to exhibit them in showrooms (mainly in Paris), where the buyers can book appointments and private viewings. Fashion Week is a source of inspiration, and is providing great opportunities for personal or professional meetings, while being a creative platform for emerging artists, business insiders, and fashion-minded outsiders.

Sobald ihr in den halbjährlichen Rhythmus der Fashion Weeks kommt, werdet ihr euch nie wieder vor ihm drücken wollen.

I DO ART Exhibition - Copenhagen, Denmark

I DO ART Exhibition – Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has always been one of my number one cities culture-wise, art-wise, fashion-wise. The city embraces diverse range of artists, designers, cosy galleries as well as temporary and permanent exhibitions. Yesterday I have visited a small one-week exhibition in VESS, showcasing illustrators’, graphic designers’, photographers’ and art enthusiasts’ artworks. The event celebrated the 2 years existence of the I Do Art Agency, which involves selected danish artists and provides a creative platform for this emerging contemporary scene. Among others, artists like Karen Segall exhibited her artworks, which are blurring the boundaries of dreamy and dark, while drawing upon subcultural edges. The young talent My Buemann displayed artwork called ‘If only life was simple’, which is a poster-series in muted pastels made with screen print technique, where failure is perceived as a unique and positive attribute. Jewellery label Rocks & Rabbitcreates handcrafted jewellery from crystals, metals and rocks, and celebrates the closeness of nature twisted with contemporary aesthetics. You can visit the exhibition till the 15th of February!

Kopenhagen stand schon immer ganz oben auf meiner Liste was Kultur, Kunst und Fashion angeht. Diese Stadt vereint verschiedenste Künstler, Designer, gemütliche Galerien und sowohl vorübergehende als auch dauerhafte Ausstellungen. (more…)