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Achtland Spring/Summer 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Achtland Spring/Summer 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin – Embroidered showpiece bomber

I don’t know what about you guys but every time it comes to Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm or Barcelona Fashion Weeks I’m keen to catch up with the latest talents who tend to take a different view on the new ‘in-s’. Berlin definitely has a special place in my heart; it’s fresh and young and through a constant progress, the fashion week provides a great vibe of cool and authentic designs just as did again among others Hien Le, Augustin Teboul, the ever rebellious Patrick Mohr or the newcomer Achtland. I’m quite conservative when it comes to relationships, in contrast I do enjoy falling in love with different designers in each season and I guess the latter predicts that I sort of fell in love with Achtland – at first sight.

The designer duo with the creatives: Oliver Lühr and Thomas Bentz behind the label recalled a beautifully pure collection that spoke of perfectly shaped pieces, layered textures and rich embroidery visualising a bird-paradies and Japanese cherry blossoms that draw upon the inspiration of the Prinzhorn Collection (go check out the wonderful art collection mostly drawn by pencil or crayons by patients in psychiatric hospitals at the dawn of the 20th century.) While the collection balanced sophistication with cool, effortless with structured where blue hues and pastels took over, there was also a hint of rough seams, an allure of strong yellows and a story behind. To add some more of an up front touch, Achtland teamed up with no one less than Christian Louboutin for the perfectly matching flat menswear-inspired shoes that contrasted and yet completed the looks perfectly, as well did the John Lennon-like sunnies. If you’re asking me, the Achtland duo have created the most stand-out collection that was both eclectic and coherent and would have also come through in Paris or Milan, thus have assuredly set the new one-to-watch for the press, the tastemakers and not least for us.

Ich weiß nicht, was mit euch ist, aber jedes Mal, wenn es um die Berlin, Kopenhagen, Stockholm oder Barcelona Fashion Weeks geht, bin ich gespannt, mich über die neuesten Talente zu informieren, die oftmals eine andere Sichtweise auf das, was aktuell In ist, haben. (more…)

Giuseppe Zanotti Spring 2013 (Image: Fairchild)

Giuseppe Zanotti Spring 2013 (Image: Fairchild)

I have read an interesting article on Vogue the other day concerning the shoes issue, which discusses the topic of ‘women are wearing shoes that also have to please men.’ To be frank, with my 174 cm height, I never really bothered wearing high-heels unless the occasion literally demanded to do so. However, just as with many other things in life, with age, your perception in this matter changes as well. The article, which you can read here featured designer Christian Louboutin’s thoughts on whether women buy their shoes with men in mind. If we take the approach that states that women are obsessed with shoes and men are obsessed with female legs the straightforward result shows that men do care what women are wearing on their feet. As tempting as it can be to stockpile your shoe closet with feathery, sparkling, sky-high heels, which you know you will not wear more than once already in the moment you are buying them, I would suggest to pile on a nice pair of light and dark suede pumps, a crazy platform one, wooden wedges for the summer, ballerinas and sandals in the colours you love, a nice pair of lets say Isabel Marant boots that work well in the upcoming festival season too, a pair of converse or vans (choose the leopard one). Depending on your style and lifestyle, if you fall for heels, don’t forget to get a pair in gold and get a pair in silver and with men on mind choose your best match every time you can afford the amazing treat of buying a pair of new beauties.

Ich habe neulich einen interessanten Artikel auf Vogue gelesen, bei dem es um das Thema Schuhen ging und diskutiert wurde ‘sollen Frauen Schuhe tragen, die auch den Männern gefallen’. (more…)