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Stella McCartney SS14 (All images: Fairchild)

Stella McCartney SS14 (All images: Fairchild)

Apparently our Stella McCartney fascination will never end and this is more than statement, however what we have witnessed was proper minimalism in terms of her latest collection. Whether it is genius or just simply not appealing to you, decide it on your own, but let’s line up some of our pros. To go against purity, the richly detailed Opera Garnier venue provided the perfect backdrop for the smart-chic collection, that was much about ease and carefreeness. Modern elegance could best describe the nature of the collection, that included laced dresses, tops with alligator skin reassembling prints, rounded sunnies and large volumed shoulders on shirts. Putting an emphasis on understatement, Stella’s Spring will bring us laid-black glam that has both feminine, sporty and lingerie-like elements. But whether light-as-air and fluid-as-a-story-to-tell, this neutral coloured game with transparency versus opacity, only made it straight into our hearts and top of our wish-lists. Are you guys with us?

Offensichtlich wird unsere Faszination für Stella McCartney niemals enden und das ist nicht nur so daher gesagt. Was wir jedoch bezeugen durften, war purer Minimalismus, was ihre neuste Kollektion betrifft. (more…)

(Image: theones2watch)

(Image: theones2watch)

Blame it on the australian beauty Bambi Northwood-Blyth or on our one and only Cara Delevingne, but bushy eyebrows are completely in! I remember myself being in the age of 16 and busy over-plucking my brows so that it is not even close to be busy; since a while it’s 180 degrees the other way around. Last season I’ve participated in a MAC Trend presentation – held in London, where Terry Barber, Director of Makeup Artistry showed and explained how to achieve the desired strong brows by definitly not drawing them but rather by brushing and building up the colour gradually for ourselves. Otherwise, if you feel like calling in a pro, tinting also makes brows look fuller and thicker, takes a few minutes and can last up to six weeks (however, I assume the first option looks more natural). This new-old trend might divide the crowd but one thing is sure, strong brows lift the structure of your face, open your eyes and frame your features. It’s good to consider that brows don’t have to match your hair colour – in fact, darker eyebrows (than your hair colour) are better as they will add more definition to your face. Are you with or against?

SilkSoFine’s tip: If you chose to emphasise your eyebrows, go for plain eyes and rather put on some colourful lipstick!

Gebt der australischen Schönheit Bambi Northwood-Blyth die Schuld oder der einzigartigen Cara Delevingne, aber buschige Augenbrauen sind absolut In! (more…)

(All images: fairchild)

(all images: fairchild)

Blake Lively’s pale-green strapless Gucci Première confection featured a dramatic skirt with layers of black organza adorned with silver and matte black feather motif embroidered details. Excess and glamour in the right place, as it wears off from her. / Blake Livelys blass-grünes trägerloses Gucci Première Kleid bestand aus einem dramatischen Rock mit Schichten aus schwarzer Organza, geschmückt mit silbernen und matt-schwarzen bestickten Details in der Form von Federn. Übermaß und Glamour am rechten Platz, wie es sich für sie gehört. (more…)

Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss walking for Louis Vuitton - Fall 2013 ( image courtesy: fairchild)

Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss walking for Louis Vuitton – Fall 2013 ( image courtesy: fairchild)

I reckon that you all have heard about Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, and also about Cara Delevingne being frequently referred to as the ‘new Kate Moss’. If you know how they look, you immediately realise that it isn’t much about having the common outer traits. One thing they share for sure is that they both made a stir in the fashion industry and success came fast to both of them. Before Kate there was a strong preconceived idea of what beauty was and she effortlessly changed it, while – besides undoubtedly being the new beauty idol – Cara has rather made a difference with her inner traits. She has a great energy, and it’s rare in life that you find a person who honestly doesn’t care, and does it in a rather cool way. It sets a good example for the fellow models. It’s the fresh vivacious smile where her biggest charm lies. In basically a year or two, she made it to all the runways, has been on the cover of Vogue, appeared in ads for Burberry, Chanel and H&M, and is currently the face of the Yves Saint Laurent Beauty campaign. Delevingne’s star is clearly in the ascendant, and many have hailed her as the successor to Moss’s crown – most probably very rightfully…

Ich schätze, ihr habt alle schon mal von Kate Moss und Cara Delevingne gehört und auch, dass Cara Delevingne häufig als ‘die neue Kate Moss’ bezeichnet wird. (more…)

This controversial fashion film is the result of the collaboration between Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton ‘s Art Director and Katie Grand, Editor-in-Chief of British LOVE Magazine, has rather split the crowd. Dutch fashion magazine Blend, titled their short film feature ‘Glamorises Prostitution’ by saying it all and indeedly right. The exclusive editorial video features the latest Louis Vuitton collection – where ‘underwear turned daywear’ was a concept – worn by models like Cara Delevingne, Edie Campbell, Georgia May Jagger or Isabeli Fontana as they are ‘doing their filthy jobs’ in the dark alleyways of Paris. I guess you need to have an open mind (a very open mind) to actually take in such sort of art, if it can be called one, and realise it’s purpose and creative side. Mostly Marc Jacobs has been blamed so far, by fashion critics, top lawyers, French parties etc…but when in this era fashion was about pure reality, innocence or anything ordinary? Frankly, never. There has always been seducing, fantasy, filth, fur; the things you want but know you will never be able to attain. The film will definitely propose further questions/scandals where there will be no conclusion; what was done once, cannot be undone, no matter how strongly Marc shifts off the responsibility to Katie.

Dieser kontroverse Fashion Film ist das Resultat der Zusammenarbeit zwischen Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuittons Art Director, und Katie Grand, Editor-in-Chief des britischen LOVE Magazine, und hat die Menge gespalten. Das niederländische Magazin Blend benannte den Beitrag zu dem Kurzfilm treffend und wahrhaftig mit Recht ‘Glamorises Prostitution’, Verherrlichende Prostitution. (more…)

Dries Van Noten backstage (source: fairchild)

Dries Van Noten backstage (source: fairchild)

It is amazing how diverse effects can one achieve through styling, which is a proper creative art-form, and has an essential impact on the way people perceive the catwalk show – as a collective experience of designs, styling and rhythms. Styling varies from zero to excessive, by giving you the feel that the whole combination of hair do – make-up – jewels – shoes and garments are meant to be presented together. Styling is an art-form without boundaries – from fur crests through bejeweled ears to makeup-less faces the season’s tagline had been set; everything goes!

Es ist bemerkenswert was für unterschiedliche Effekte man mit Styling erreichen kann, welches eine wahre kreative Kunstform darstellt, und einen wesentlichen Einfluss drauf hat, wie Menschen die Show auf dem Catwalk wahrnehmen – als eine kollektives Erlebnis aus Designs, Styling und Rhythmus. Das Styling variiert zwischen kaum vorhanden und übertrieben, indem es vermittelt, dass die ganze Kombination aus Frisur – Make-up – Schmuck – Schuhen –  Kleidung dafür vorbestimmt ist, zusammen präsentiert zu werden. Styling ist eine Kunstform ohne Grenzen – von Fellhauben über beschmückten Ohren bis zu Gesichtern ohne Make-up – der Titel des Saison ist: Alles ist möglich!


Burberry Prorsum AW13

Burberry Prorsum AW13 (source: fairchild)

We were lucky enough to spot Cara Delevingne as she was trying to sneak in to Somerset House’s backstage before the Issa London show. Obviously she did not manage to escape from the flashing lenses of the constantly ready photographers, who caught her pulling crazy faces and posing in ‘cute as f#ck’ shirt. So where in the world is Cara Delevingne now? Most probably halfway Milan Fashion Week to Paris Fashion Week. / Wir hatten so ein Glück, Cara Delevingne zu erspähen, als sie gerade kurz vor der Issa London Show versuchte, in den Backstagebereich vom Somerset House zu schlüpfen. Offensichtlich konnte sie nicht dem Blitzlichtgewitter der immer bereiten Fotografen entfliehen, die sie beim Grimassen Schneiden und mit einem ‘cute as f#ck’ Shirt erwischten. Und wo auf der Welt ist Cara Delevingne nun? Höchstwahrscheinlich auf halben Weg von der Milan Fashion Week zur Paris Fashion Week. (more…)