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I like Calvin Klein…I love the fragrances and when I saw the latest short film they created my heart was blown away – it was like a dream coming true…And why? Let’s start in the beginning before I get too excited. So it is all because the mini film features three of my beloved creatives in the persons of Rooney Mara actress, David Fincher director – who worked together on ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ and the ‘Social Network’ movies earlier, while the music is played by the must-see band called Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The film is using the effect of slow motion and Mara is only shown in black and white what makes it mysterious and enigmatic as ever in a rather moody atmosphere. Telling the story of an actress who goes from subway so effortlessly with a classy, laid back simplicity that Rooney and Calvin Klein have in common. Rooney told WWD: “It’s an honour to be part of a brand with such a legacy of breakthrough advertising. The Downtown fragrance holds true to the chic, confident and simple feeling of the Calvin brand. The effortless and timeless appeal of the Calvin Klein Collection and the Downtown scent made this a natural partnership.” More lovely films like this please!

Ich mag Calvin Klein… Ich liebe den Duft und als ich den neusten Kurzfilm gesehen habe, den sie kreiert haben, wurde ich regelrecht umgehauen – es war wie ein Traum, der wahr wird… Und wieso? Lasst uns von vorn beginnen, bevor ich mich zu sehr freue. (more…)

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Leonardo Da Vinci once said: ‘Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication’ – and I find it rightfully matching to describe Calvin Klein‘s collections in general (if I can use this word in its place). There is something breathtakingly classy going on in each collection, where structure, proportions, shades of colours and the cuts are in perfect harmony. It gives you the feel that Klein is trying to sell you a lifestyle not just single garments; a lifestyle embraced by the strong, modern woman with the crave for elegance, edge and exclusivity, while remaining natural in style and manner. We loved the waists cinched with wide belts, as well as the sharp texture combinations, which teamed up with minimalist and refined finishing – of course all very exquisitely executed!

Leonardo Da Vinci sagte: ‘Einfachheit ist die höchste Stufe von Vollendung’ – und ich finde dies passt sehr gut, um Calvin Kleins Kollektionen im Allgemeinen (wenn ich das so sagen darf) zu beschreiben.