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All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // Lunettes Kollektion and their absolutely lovely business cards

During the season there comes a time when the most favorite word, MID SEASON SALE, modifies in a variety of incantations like Sample Sale Designer Sale. And since we normally are impatiently waiting for the season to end so we can shop our favorite pieces with a 50 % or even 70% off, mustering all the energy we accumulated over Christmas due to tons of chocolate and ginger bread to be ready to burst into the shops on the 28th of December. Well dear readers, you can have a much smoother way of it and I do not mean this tiny winy 10% Mid Season Something. You want to know the magic words? I chant the spell and it sounds like a seductive melody that is whispering in your ears: S A M P L E -… and … D E S I G N E R S A L E. Please, dear power of consumption, forbid. (more…)

Camille in the latest Pimkie collection designed by her

Camille wearing pieces from the latest Pimkie collection designed by her (Image via Camille over the rainbow)

Those of you who are also following us on Facebook might have seen the teaser we posted about the Camille Over the Rainbow x Pimkie collaboration the other day. The French-British Camille Charrière is much more than a blogger for us; rather a proper style-icon she could be called, who’s stylishness I’ve been following ever since. She is though a fashion writer at Net-a-Porter, while mastering a delicate taste by matching the off-duty Parisian chic with an edgy Londoner’s charm that’s a bit boyish, yet most of all very unique. Her collaboration with French brand Pimkie resulted a limited capsule collection that carries a hint of the high-streets’ scent in terms of dusty pink accents, textured neoprenes, oversized tomboy coats and so on. The collection – just like her style embraces effortless and laid-back styles with a slight grungy edge mixing monochromes with peachy pastels. The pieces are now available in all Pimkie stores and online as well! Happy shopping ladies!

Diejenigen von euch, die uns auch auf Facebook folgen, haben neulich vielleicht schon den Teaser gesehen, den wir gepostet haben, über die Camille Over the Rainbow x Pimkie Kollaboration! Die französisch-britische Camille Charrière ist für uns viel mehr als nur eine Bloggerin. (more…)

(Image: Reka Pasztor Turak for SilkSoFine)

(Image: Reka Pasztor Turak for SilkSoFine)

We are starting Autumn with 3000 Facebook likes! Thanks a lot for your support!

Wir starten mit 3000 Facebook Likes in den Herbst! Vielen vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung!

For sure we have either heard of Coach, or what’s even better, had experience with purchasing some luxurious goods from their online store… Coach was founded in Manhattan back in 1941 and ever since the store is known for its prime quality leather goods, which lately got completed with a range of outerwear, scarves, sunwear, fragrance, fine jewelry and related accessories. To speak more about their genially creative approach, Coach and Advanced Style creator Ari Seth Cohen have teamed up to create ‘Generations of Style’; a short film series you must see. It features a few of our (and I bet your) favorite bloggers and street-style icons, such as The Man RepellerSusie Bubble and Nadia Sawar of FrouFrouu. The vision and idea is based on the fact that while you are little, you so much look up to your mom’s or grandma’s style, and also the historical realisation that trends keep on repeating themselves time after time; just think about vintage or old-school adidas sneakers…There is so much to be learned from the older generation, right?

Bestimmt habt ihr von Coach gehört oder noch besser, habt schon einmal luxuriöse Stücke in ihrem Online Store gekauft… (more…)

(via: camille)

(via: camille)

You usually follow blogs because you either share the blogger’s interest, personal view on fashion, lifestyle, or wardrobe; first and last, the ones, which you can almost identify yourself with. In my eyes, Camille behind the Camille Over the Rainbow blog is one of these bloggers with all of her androgynously chic and crisp white-on-white or black and white matches. In today’s street-style cavalcade it’s hard to point out a few icons who really follow their own way of perceiving up-and-coming, and fading away trends or fads. Keeping a unique flavour in style despite the ever-changing fashion world is crucial, mainly if you put it all out there, and yet becoming a role model of many.

Normalerweise verfolgt man Blogs, weil man entweder die Interessen des Bloggers teilt, die persönliche Ansicht auf Mode, den Lifestyle oder den Kleiderschrank; vor allen Dingen diese, mit denen man sich nahezu identifizieren kann. (more…)

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Always smiling Carly Tati blogger is wearing her DIY sweater matched with pleated leather skirt, massive fur-coat and neon-pink Marc by Marc Jacobs sneakers. / Die immer lächelnde Bloggerin Carly Tati trägt ihren selbst gemachten Pullover mit einem ledernen Faltenrock, einem massiven Fellmantel und neon pinke Marc by Marc Jacobs Sneakers. (more…)

‘The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been, and always will be’ – claims Bill Cunningham and being apparently right. When a year ago Garage Magazine started to film this short documentary, its point was to examine the street-style phenomenon. The film was out just in the right time, the circus over the street-style versus bloggers theme has never been so accurate as it is now. (Just think about Suzi Menkes’ The Circus of Fashion scandal.) Fashion Journalist, Tim Blanks’ monologue brings together the thoughtful opinions of the biggest street-style photographers like Tommy Ton or Phil Oh, Susie Bubble  and Hanneli bloggers, Alexia Nieziedski co-founder of System Magazine, Sabina Marshall stylist and Vika Gazinskaya fashion designer. The thoughts evolve around today’s democratic fashion world, which has been compared with reality shows where absurd amount of photographers and bloggers are keen to capture their idols’ current outfit with almost a hysterical struggle. ‘What’s next?’ – asks Tim Blanks in the end, by leaving it an open question. And who is to decree whether this is right or wrong, whether it results Gods or monsters?

“Die best Fashion Show ist definitive auf den Straßen. Das war schon immer so und so wird es immer sein” – sagt Bill Cunningham und hat offensichtlich recht. (more…)