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Have you guys ever been to Kieler Woche, which is one of the largest summer festivals and greatest sailing events in Northern Europe? From the 22nd to the 30th of June, more than three million visitors from all over the world will be diving into the colourful and multi-facetted life of Kieler Woche with more than 2000 different events. The whole week is all about culture, sailing, festival atmosphere, entertainment facilities and sport coming together. Visitors are promised nine days of high spirits in the far North, while for children there will also be activities at Krusenkoppel such as painting, hammering, playing with electronic boats and marvelling at the fantasy world, which was built there. The festival is also the perfect occasion to wear your stripy sailor look and play matchy-matchy with your beloved ones.

Wart ihr schon mal auf der Kieler Woche, eines der größten Sommerfeste und größten Segelereignisse in Nordeuropa? Vom 22. bis 30. Juni kommen mehr als 3 Millionen Besucher aus der ganzen Welt, um in den bunten und facettenreichen Trubel der Kieler Woche mit seinen mehr als 2000 Veranstaltungen einzutauchen. (more…)

Hi again, it is Marc from Never Quit. Yesterday in Part 1 I talked about general myths and illusions regarding the beach body. In this new post we go more into details and give recommendations for food and for fitness plans with my favorite exercises.

70% of reaching the dream body is created in the kitchen. Have breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and dinner like a begging monk – it roughly says it all.

A substantial breakfast with fruits, whole-grain bread, turkey breast, marmalade and water is very important because here lays the energy fundament for the day.

A snack between breakfast and lunch is also important. Recommendation: a small cup of peanut butter and an apple.

For lunch it should already be a little less but still a handful of rice, whole-grain pasta or potatoes with veggies and meat, fish or tofu is always right. Salad as a side dish is always great. (more…)

Let me introduce you a former pro-athlete, personal trainer and founder of Never Quit: Marc Nielsen. I train with Marc for a while and knowing how worried me and my friends can be when the time comes to leave the winter covers away, it seemed to be obvious to ask his advice. Read what he tells us about:


By Marc Nielsen

Last week at the gym it stroked again. The first rays of spring sunshine heat up the Earth and people’s synapses crash just like every spring. The perfect beach-body has to come fast because it’s only a few more weeks until shorts and little summer dresses. Hysteria settles. The question is what to do?

Only to go fast a couple of times running or signing a 24-month gym-contract is not the deal. When one Sunday there is nothing in my fridge and I rush to get something to eat to the nearest gas station I pay extra because I want it fast. To be able to get a beach body within a very short time is an illusion, fuelled by the media. It’s like playing soccer for two weeks and thinking you will be able to join the next FIFA World Cup. It is simply impossible.

 Nevertheless we want to help you to gain a healthy and fit start into the new summer, and even more: with our tips you will become fitter, healthier, slimmer and get in better shape than ever before.

Model: WBFF Pro Fiola Biork, Photographer Arnor Halldorsson, Make-up by Harpa Sif Sævarsdottir

Model: WBFF Pro Fiola Biork, Photographer Arnor Halldorsson, Make-up by Harpa Sif Sævarsdottir