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Bambi Magazine (All images: Loreen Hinz)

Bambi Magazine (All images: Loreen Hinz)

Probably if someone would ask you what fascinates you the most within the pages ofVogueELLE or i-D, the answer would most likely be the visual treat; the images. I’ve met Loreen Hinz Germany-based photographer through a lovely friend of mine and I took the opportunity to ask her about her passion and profession; photography, through which she is portraying her very own style in terms of photographic imagery.

In the first place I asked her about who is Loreen the photographer? How and when did her passion towards photography started out? What does she tend to capture; is it beauty, inner beauty, a piece of art or the mixture of the these?



Reka SilkSoFine: Let’s start Lori, tell us a bit about yourself!

Lori: My name is Loreen Hinz, I was born in 1983 in east Saxony and I’m currently located in the German capital Berlin, and occasionally in Leipzig. The very first time I took photos was during my second studies. I adored fashion stories in Vogue and did some fashion shots, but the models were never as beautiful, the clothes as outstanding, the make-up as cool like in the pages of Vogue. This depressed me a lot. The revelation of my passion towards photography began when I first saw the pictures of French photographer, Sarah Moon – it was different. I fell in love with those diffuse, colorful, painting-like pictures, which set me free from the pressure of sharpness and perfection. Today there are many inspirations in my everyday life – fashion magazines and blogs, reports about history and art or even a beautiful face on the street. (more…)

Luckily SilkSoFine managed to say congrats and ask some brief questions from Dorothea Gundtoft stylist and fashion writer right after winning the Danish ‘Stylist of the Year’ prize by ELLE. It was such a great occasion because Dorothea has just finished writing her first book on Scandinavian fashion published worldwide by Thames&Hudson back in February 2013. In addition she’s also being the creative mind and curator behind the Fashion Scandinavia movement, which we got to see during London Fashion Week. The book, as well as the initiative of such movement gives a comprehensive insight to Scandinavian designers’ distinctive and diverse approach to design. It’s just as much about established designers such as Henrik VibskovAcne or COS, as about the up-and-coming successful new generation like Anne Sofie Madsen or Wood Wood. To get back to the interview Dorothea basically said she is in coma yet and will probably only realise it the next day…We hope this moment came by now, and this will give an extra to continue her great mission. Congratulations once again!

Glücklicherweise konnte SilkSoFine Dorothea Gundtoft, Stylistin und Modeautorin, direkt nachdem sie den dänischen ‘Stylist des Jahes’ Preis von ELLE entgegengenommen hat, gratulieren und einige kurze Fragen stellen. (more…)

During Budapest Fashion Week, I ran into the beautiful model Csilla Kormendi, who gladly filled up my curious mind towards to the models’ world, and she talked about her fascination for her profession with all its downsides and glamour. Enjoy!

Reka ∣ SilkSoFine: I’ve heard of two types of starting up a model career: one either gets discovered randomly at the airport, on the street or in the local shopping mall at the age of 14, or with the intention of becoming a model, one prepares a portfolio and tries her/his luck at different model agencies. How was it with you? To which category do you belong?

Csilla: To be honest, I belong to a bit of both; for the first time I was solicited on the streets in my home town; Gyor, but it sounded a bit of a scam even though at the time I basically knew nothing about the modeling trade and its rules. Not much after an agent from ICON found me while I was messing around in a shopping mall in Budapest – at the time I was 19 and in my first year at University.  I had a watchful approach to them, but I slowly realized that I’m in  very good hands, and have no reason to worry. As soon as ICON signed me on, the best international agencies waited for me wherever I went.

Reka  SilkSoFine: What’s your background? Have you always been interested in the fashion industry; or rather just – so to say – fell into this world? (more…)