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(source:Steven Meisel,SilkSoFine)

(source: Steven Meisel, SilkSoFine)

If you would like to define vintage fashion, strictly speaking, is clothing and accessories that are at least 25 years old and usually carry the signatures of the era when they were designed/produced. However this time frame has loosened recently and we consider much newer pieces vintage. Wearing vintage is a bit like living in a baroque house, or eating with hundreds-year-old gold cutlery; it has high historical and aesthetic value, it provides individuality to the wearer or owner due to its rareness. The goodwill value of vintage, in the business life, turns into tradable assets, which increase in value over time…This is how the whole collecting tradition works, whether we talk about paintings, vintage clothes or veteran cars. No matter if we consider vintage furniture, bags or jewellery, there is one truth, people fall in love with the history behind the pieces.

Versucht man Vintage Fashion zu definieren, so spricht man streng genommen von Kleidung und Accessoires, die mindestens 25 Jahren alt sind und üblicherweise den Stempel der Ära, in der sie designt/ produziert wurden, tragen. (more…)