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All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // Barre Noire at BOLD PR

When the days are getting colder in Berlin and rain is overtaking Misses Suns magic power it seems that winter depression is getting of the starting blocks. This is the time when people are finding themselves being caught in the middle, whether to be mourning over the last summer days or celebrating autumn as one of the greatest designers ever. Fashion folks are normally not even patient enough to wait until the first of November to show off their new autumn beauties. Coats, hats and scarfs are superseding the past role of ballerinas and light blazerish jackets leading to the fact that during German Press Days you can get the chance to be seeing the collections reviewed during the last press days on actual people while inhaling the upcoming SS14 collections. (more…)


All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // The beautiful show and accessory installation at & other Stories.

This weeks post is about treasures and small shiny things, about minimalistic and opulent silhouettes, about off colors and Neon, it is about a fine selection of beauty essentials &other Stories. Last Wednesday, & other Stories opened the beautifully wooden framed doors to their second store in Berlin Mitte. Finally I got one of my favorite stores in the neighborhood and do not have to walk a million miles to get to enjoy the vibe of this concept store since their first store is situated on Ku’damm in Charlottenburg. However this space at Neue Schönhauser Strasse seems to be made for & other Stories and it fits perfectly into this scenario of high fashion and street fashion. (more…)


All images: Julia for SilkSoFine


Since summer is – in spite of all the heat – nearly over, and I do not want to evoke any autumnal weather conditions here, but in fact ending summer has something very positive expressed in the sale behavior of designers. On most of the online platforms sales already reached 70% and everyone has been crazy about wish lists and purchasing personal objects of desire lately.

Thus, it is nearly a salvation hearing about a nice Berlin get together and enjoying some sale of our Berlin based designers. Mongrels in common, a designer duo based in Berlin Mitte, staged their summer sale at a nice place in Torstrasse on Friday and followed up on it during Saturday. Since I am very into classic and timeless designs with a hint of an edge and the special something, mongrels in common is the perfect amalgamation for my vision of fashionable aesthetic. (more…)

I’m sure most of you have already seen the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ – which is the awaited adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great American Novel – hit the cinemas right during Cannes Film Festival. Instead of writing an overview about the movie, I’ll rather provide you with some fun facts on how this collaboration between director Baz Luhrmann, costume designer Catherine Martin and Miuccia Prada came to life. Despite claims that the 20’s has never influenced her collections, Miuccia Prada’s design aesthetic proved to be the perfect match possible in party-dressing the crowd of actresses and most of all Daisy (Carry Mulligan), who’s looks suggested nothing but an excessive heaven in ‘The Great Gatsby’ costumes. As a great outcome, 40 sparkling twenties-style gowns from both Prada and Miu Miu archives were being adapted for the film. The Endless strings of pearls, a diamond head-piece, intricate jewel-encrusted rings were provided by Tiffany & Co. Such feast for the eye!

Ich bin sicher, die meisten von euch haben schon den Film ‘Der große Gatsby’ gesehen – die langersehnte Adaption von F. Scott Fitzgeralds Großem Amerikanischen Roman – der während des Cannes Film Festivals in die Kinos kam. (more…)

All images: Zara (May Lookbook: Women, TRF)

All images: Zara (May Lookbook: Women, TRF)

1. Since spring is nearly over it’s time to start thinking about the warm yet slightly breezy summer months ahead. Printed blazers and bombers definitely can’t miss from your wardrobe in the season. Try to choose light pastel colours, so you can match it with both heels or flats, jeans or summer dresses, depending on the occasion. / Da der Frühling bald vorbei ist, ist es an der Zeit,über die warmen, trotzdem etwas windigen Sommermonate vor uns nachzudenken. Bedruckte Blazer und Bomberjacken dürfen in der kommenden Saison definitiv nicht in euren Kleiderschränken fehlen. Versucht helle Pastellfarben zu nehmen, dann könnt ihr sie sowohl mit High Heels als auch mit flachen Schuhen, mit Jeans und Sommerkleidern kombinieren, je nach Anlass. (more…)

(source: flur magazine)

(source: flur magazine)

A few weeks ago I referred to my styling project, and I promised to share some insights about how did it all go. First of all you have to know, that the lovely team – which gathered to execute the photographer’s, Manuela Iodice’s visual concept – met for the very first time on the occasion of this project. Manuela is from Rome, Italy and we met online as she was seeking for a stylist in Copenhagen. I was really glad because she had the perfect possible location on mind: The Black Diamond, and the rest was kind of evident, so to say. We agreed on minimalistic pieces, laid-back silhouettes, some grunge blended natural feel the whole fashion story should suggest. The project was a collaboration between Manuela and model Anne Christine Kjer Hansen from SCOOP, who happened to be the perfect choice with all her modern beauty attributes: a bit of scandinavia (skin&hair), youthful freshness (in her eyes) and a touch of chic grunge-effect (in her postures). As a stylist, I had to select the pieces, combine them and make sure it looks the way it’s supposed to look on each photograph. See the rest of the images on FLUR Magazine.

Vor einigen Wochen habe ich euch von meinem Styling Projekt erzählt und euch versprochen, euch weitere Einblick darin zu geben, wie es lief. (more…)

Street Fashion, Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 RTW ( all images:fairchild)

Street Fashion, Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 RTW ( all images:fairchild)

There are truths and cliches in life, which cannot be understood, answered or generalised equally in every part of the world. Culinary habits, religion, politics or fashion are some of these issues, where cultural background and a common sense has an essential role in complete understanding. The other day I ran into a photograph posted by Schiffer Miklos style-and lifestyle writer, picturing a perfectly handsome, south-type man, in a sharp suit and suede loafers – wearing no socks. The socks vs. no socks dilemma instantly raised a discussion and split the audience. It was one little, but a rather thoughtful remark on ‘the perfect man without socks’ topic – that was probably born in the Italian Riviera, where it is a fully natural phenomenon or what’s more: a cliche, with all the leather goods worn on bare feet, with tailored 8/9 pants, while in other places it’s simply unacceptable or uncomprehending. Such things like the issue of the socks have way too much cultural norms, habits and traditions in the background but thank to the influence of fashion trends the perception of many has changed despite the geographical belonging. About two seasons earlier, the whole menfolk of London has thrown away their socks’; it was a fast fad, which seemed to hit people in the right moment, hence the fad became a style. As with all things; there are exceptions to every rule and ultimately one will need to decide for himself when and how to go without socks, or rather whether to go without them at all. The cream of Schiffer’s remark were of course the diverse comments: the pros and cons, the voices of tastemakers, adopters and conservatives, while non is being any less or more right… Just think about Coco Chanel’s trousers revolution; we can take changes in, it’s just a matter of time or lets say attitude.

Es gibt Wahrheiten und Klischees im Leben, die einfach nicht gleichermaßen in allen Teilen der Welt verstanden, beantwortet oder verallgemeinert werden können. Kulinarische Angewohnheiten, Religion, Politik oder Mode gehören zu diesen Themen, wo der kulturelle Hintergrund und Common Sense eine essentielle Rolle beim vollständigen Verständnis spielen. (more…)

Who doesn’t like to make an appearance? The colour and texture gold or golden is one of the best choice to do so. The key, I would say is the proportion, the balance, the combination. By learning to build in gold/golden to you wardrobe it opens new dimensions. Gold/golden has always been there; your jewellery, your grandma’s vintage cutlery collection, the frame of your paintings on the wall, but most of all your heart! Let it be in your wardrobe too, it’s meant to be there!

Wer mag es nicht für den großen Auftritt zu sorgen? Die Farbe und das Material Gold ist eine der besten Möglichkeiten dies zu tun. Ich würde sagen, der Schlüssel ist die Proportion, die Balance, die Kombination. Es eröffnet euch neue Dimensionen, zu lernen wie ihr Gold in euren Kleiderschrank integriert. (more…)

…even if it’s ribbed, bleached, studded, vintage, Levis or Zara, short or long, loose or tight, your boyfriend’s or yours – to wear in the garden, work or on your prom night. Always. Forever. No matter what./… egal ob zerrissen, gebleicht, Nieten besetzt, Vintage, von Levis oder Zara, kurz oder lang, weit oder eng, Boyfriend-Style oder Slim-Fit – im Garten, zur Arbeit oder auf der coolsten Party. Always. Forever. No matter what.