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All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // My absolute favorite leather good by Filippa K and their host leaving its hint.

Ambition always goes with success. At least at some point. And sometimes success and inspiration will eventually need more space to be able to act out its actual spirit. This may pertain– a hundred percent or more – to Fillipa Knutsson and Patrik Kihlborg, both founders of Filippa K, one of the most popular and successful Swedish clothing brands. In order to celebrate 20 years of ambition, success and over all the maintenance of the labels sophistication and class Filippa K opened a new flagship store on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, one of the most exclusive shopping locations. The flagship store is already the third store in Berlin, bringing this special Swedish-minimalistic luminousness to the capital, this time on two floors. And because 20 years Filippa K is such an achievement an adequate host was needed. And who could cast this role better than the German Interview Magazine? Right nobody else. (more…)


All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // The beautiful show and accessory installation at & other Stories.

This weeks post is about treasures and small shiny things, about minimalistic and opulent silhouettes, about off colors and Neon, it is about a fine selection of beauty essentials &other Stories. Last Wednesday, & other Stories opened the beautifully wooden framed doors to their second store in Berlin Mitte. Finally I got one of my favorite stores in the neighborhood and do not have to walk a million miles to get to enjoy the vibe of this concept store since their first store is situated on Ku’damm in Charlottenburg. However this space at Neue Schönhauser Strasse seems to be made for & other Stories and it fits perfectly into this scenario of high fashion and street fashion. (more…)


All images and interview translation: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // SIMON&ME favorite rag with the 002 Basic Shirt

SIMON&ME is the story about someone who finally is courageous enough to counteract this inexorably urge of consumption, when origin or low-price-logics are not even vaguely considered and the epidemic seems to contaminate way too many people. It was SIMON’s conceptualism, his perfect visualization of desires and dreams and courage to finally raise the voice. SIMON&ME is everything but a mass. It is a perfect selection of beautiful things Made in Germany, consciously hand worked and products that do have soul. A BERLIN must for everyone who is ready to give up mass consumption for an utterly subtle selection of basic needs.

I always think that outside observers can never find the right words for such a unique concept. That is why I asked Simon himself: (more…)


All images: Julia for SilkSoFine


Since summer is – in spite of all the heat – nearly over, and I do not want to evoke any autumnal weather conditions here, but in fact ending summer has something very positive expressed in the sale behavior of designers. On most of the online platforms sales already reached 70% and everyone has been crazy about wish lists and purchasing personal objects of desire lately.

Thus, it is nearly a salvation hearing about a nice Berlin get together and enjoying some sale of our Berlin based designers. Mongrels in common, a designer duo based in Berlin Mitte, staged their summer sale at a nice place in Torstrasse on Friday and followed up on it during Saturday. Since I am very into classic and timeless designs with a hint of an edge and the special something, mongrels in common is the perfect amalgamation for my vision of fashionable aesthetic. (more…)

VEKTOR Berlin // All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine

VEKTOR Berlin // All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine

The VEKTOR store at Gormannstraße 23

The VEKTOR store at Gormannstraße 23

Berlin seems to offer an utter fusion for everything and when it comes to fashion, genius meets the spirit of time. V E K T O R appears to be the most recent and appropriate example for the foregone. Young designers, Kristina Puljan and Martin Eichler were contemporaneously drawn to Berlin and got to know and love each other at the university ESMOD where they both studied. And no, it is not corny at all but the perfect base for something that Berlin was waiting for and found its opening and launch on a sun-drenched thursday early evening in Mitte.


Image from For Every Minute

All images: For Every Minute

Last week I had the great honor to be meeting Kenzy Cheeseman, one of the designers and founders of For Every Minute, a New Zealand based luxury sleep- and loungewear brand with an absolute unique concept. Since Kenzy brought some samples all the way from New Zealand to Berlin, I had the chance to review a selection of their range exclusively and I was nearly blinded by such explosion of incredible colors and the reflection of this graceful silk they are using. Their collaboration with famous German model and celebrity, Marie Nasemann for their lookbook is a perfect detail that will be advantageous when conquering the German market.  Obviously delighted by the collection and the actual idea, I utilized the possibility and asked Kenzy some questions about the business, her work with businesspartner and co-founder Faye Lowe and their ambitions. A concept that seems perfect on this blog – not only in the literal sense of SilkSoFine. (more…)


Once we had a project on whether shop interior attracts customers more, and if does so, in what way. Probably we all know the feeling when the shop’s interior perfectly matches our taste or dreamy desires; much of spacey square meters, fresh flowers in contemporary vases, a luxurious soft carpet and lots of brightness. On the other hand it can also be inviting when it’s out of our comfort zones, out of the convectional…ACNE is rather a bit of the latter; it has a great deal of modern edge by revealing almost a museum-like ‘do-not-touch’ feeling through the strictly organised hangers, but the twist is that it’s all yours: touch it, take a seat and try them on.

Einmal hatten wir ein Projekt über das Thema, ob die Inneneinrichtung eines Geschäfts die Kunden noch mehr anzieht und wenn dies so ist auf welche Art und Weise. Wahrscheinlich kennen wir alle das Gefühl, wenn die Einrichtung perfekt zu unserm Geschmack oder unseren verträumten Sehnsüchten passt; eine große Fläche, frische Blumen in zeitgemäßen Vasen, ein luxuriöser weicher Teppich und sehr viel Helligkeit. Auf der anderen Seite kann es auch sehr einladend sein, wenn wir uns mal nicht in unserer Komfortzone befinden, raus aus dem Konventionellen… ACNE ist eher letzteres; es hat eine sehr moderne Note, wobei man durch die akkurat aufgestellten Kleiderbügel und den spärlichen Möbeln fast ein ‘Nicht-Anfassen’ Gefühl wie in einem Museum bekommt, aber das Ding ist, es gehört alles euch: fasst es an, nehmt Platz und probiert alles an.

ny ssf

‘I wanted to take a very Swedish slant on history and environment. I was inspired by the Gustavian period of Swedish design, its cleanness and purity, thus to re-interpret that in a modern way. Stockholm is a series of islands, and I wanted to do a take on that. ‘ – Jonny Johansson ♡ ‘Ich wollte einen sehr schwedischen Blickwinkel auf Geschichte und Umgebung. (more…)