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Jil Sander Spring 2014 RTW (All images: Fairchild)

Jil Sander Spring 2014 RTW (All images: Fairchild)

In the last few years we have experienced a massive ‘they-come-and-go’ effect in case of creative directors at the biggest fashion houses; they switch, leave, disappear and might never come back or, on the contrary, they start to shine as a newborn stars under a different name – freshly. As always, there are exceptions – occasional comebacks. By now you might have already figured out that my flow of thoughts is referring to the latest breaking news about Jil Sander, who had now stepped down for the third time. While I would say – or rather bag – ‘Oh Jil, don’t go!’; Vogue already wonders, ‘Who Will Take The Reins At Jil Sander?’…The thing is though, that ever since she sold her company to Prada, back in 1999, she has not been sure whether she wanted to stay at all. As WWD reported, so far one name, Gabriele Colangelo, has come to the fore who took on the pared-back aesthetics, the precision of cut and apparently he is breathing the same minimalist air the brand has always been represented. She – Jil herself – gave us the women who is never over-decorated, by setting the standard for minimalism that was both courageous and inspiring yet most of all inimitable. The fashion lips say that the German designer is about to exit her eponymous brand due to personal reasons, and that is something we might never get to know for sure and we might actually don’t even need to do so…she deserves only our homage, no matter what. If you may apologise for getting too personal, I must say that this has been a real breaking news for us that brought some real sadness in its trail, but we know that she made her stamp on the fashion industry so firmly that it will never ever fade away. Thank you, Jil!

In den letzten Jahren gab es immer wieder ein Kommen und Gehen, was die Creative Directors der großen Modehäuser angeht: Sie wechseln die Marken, gehen oder verschwinden gar und kommen vielleicht nie wieder, aber andererseits erscheinen sie manchmal wie neugeboren und beginnen frisch von vorn unter einem neuen Namen. (more…)

2013-10-17 16.02.51

All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // Barre Noire at BOLD PR

When the days are getting colder in Berlin and rain is overtaking Misses Suns magic power it seems that winter depression is getting of the starting blocks. This is the time when people are finding themselves being caught in the middle, whether to be mourning over the last summer days or celebrating autumn as one of the greatest designers ever. Fashion folks are normally not even patient enough to wait until the first of November to show off their new autumn beauties. Coats, hats and scarfs are superseding the past role of ballerinas and light blazerish jackets leading to the fact that during German Press Days you can get the chance to be seeing the collections reviewed during the last press days on actual people while inhaling the upcoming SS14 collections. (more…)


All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // The beautiful show and accessory installation at & other Stories.

This weeks post is about treasures and small shiny things, about minimalistic and opulent silhouettes, about off colors and Neon, it is about a fine selection of beauty essentials &other Stories. Last Wednesday, & other Stories opened the beautifully wooden framed doors to their second store in Berlin Mitte. Finally I got one of my favorite stores in the neighborhood and do not have to walk a million miles to get to enjoy the vibe of this concept store since their first store is situated on Ku’damm in Charlottenburg. However this space at Neue Schönhauser Strasse seems to be made for & other Stories and it fits perfectly into this scenario of high fashion and street fashion. (more…)

Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 RTW - Marc Jacobs (All images: Fairchild)

Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 RTW – Marc Jacobs (All images: Fairchild)

Today’s post got two aims; one is to feature the latest Louis Vuitton collection designed by Marc Jacobs, while the second is to say good-bye to the man just mentioned. Well yes; call it breaking news but the rumours are confirmed facts by now; Marc Jacobs is leaving LV after his 16-year-long tenure at the brand. Jacobs presented his final show in Paris, that was dedicated to celebrate his greatest hits – created entirely in black, as was his first show for the label. An eclectic mash-up of sheers, feathers, denim and excess could best describe the pieces with a hint of tomboyish feel.  ‘Jacobs dedicated the show to all the women who have  inspired him and the showgirl in every one of them’ – as he explained to Vogue. The reason of his leaving though – as WWD reported – is that the American designer wants to focus on taking his brand public on the stock market, as it heads towards an IPO. Well, I suppose an era has just ended and a new one is yet to come…Hello former Balenciaga creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière?

Der heutige Post hat zwei Ziele: Das erste ist, die aktuelle Louis Vuitton Kollektion Designed by Marc Jacobs vorzustellen, und das zweite, sich von dem soeben Genannten zu verabschieden. (more…)

Natalia Vodianova (All images: Fairchild)

(All images: Fairchild)

Once the business starts up, the sky is the only limit – at least in the case of the Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bündchen who – just like last year – has topped the list of the highest-earning models for the seventh year running, as stated on Vogue. According to Forbes magazine, the supermodel takes in about $42 million in a single year – thank to her collaboration with H&M, Chanel, Pantene and David Yurman, as well as a stake in the Brazilian footwear company Grendene and her own, increasingly profitable, lingerie label. The second place is taken by Kate Moss who remained one of the biggest style-icons over almost the past two decades, lately collaborating with Longchamp, Mango, Rimmel, and Vogue Eyewear. The list continues with Russian Natalia Vodianova, the lately featured Heidi Klum and everybody’s beauty-icon Adriana Lima or the Australian model Miranda Kerr thank to her Kora Organics beauty line, as well as deals with Qantas, David Jones and Mango. There is something in common in the top then richest models, and that’s nothing else but the fact as they are either currently Victoria’s Secret Angels or have modelled for the lingerie label in the past. At this level, things go far more deeper than things like beauty or luck; it’s all about talent, business, personality; it’s about the ones who has become a staple at once for all by being blessed with rare kind of genes.

Wenn das Business erstmal startet, ist der Himmel das einzige Limit – zumindest im Fall des brasilianischen Supermodels Gisele Bündchen, die – genau wie letztes Jahr – die Liste der am besten verdienenden Models zum siebten Jahr in Folge anführt, wie auf Vogue berichtet wurde. (more…)

 Karl Lagerfeld (Image: Fairchild)

Karl Lagerfeld (Image: Fairchild)

There have always been and still are people who you can almost identify with one magic word such as peace, love or even fashion. I’m talking about personalities who’s life is their message. Undoubtedly Karl Lagerfeld can be fit in those few and probably I don’t have to much discuss the why-s and how-s but to still get to the point; Karl Lagerfeld is our era’s so called ‘Fashion Pope’. Call him insane or an exceptional genius, the upcoming four-hours mini documentary that focuses on the designer’s career and the relationship between fashion and religion – drawing comparisons between fashion magazines and the Bible, and likening models to angels – will explain a lifestyle that is hard to imagine, difficult to understand and impossible to copy. The film was directed by television journalist Martina Neuen and will debut on the 7th of September in Munich, which Lagerfeld is expected to attend, to coincide with the launch of his boutique in the German city – as stated on Vogue. And what to expect from the film? The ever closest insight to Lagerfeld’s personality, much about devotion, fashion as a religion, fascination and a bunch of interviews with among others Diane Kruger, Sarah Jessica Parker, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Suzy Menkes and Milla Jovovich. It’s going to be big!

Es gab schon immer und wird auch immer Menschen geben, die man fast mit einem einzigen magischen Wort identifizieren kann, wie zum Beispiel Frieden, Liebe oder sogar Mode. Ich spreche von Persönlichkeiten, deren Leben ihre Botschaft ist. (more…)

Paul Deneve (Image: Fairchild)

Paul Deneve (Image: Fairchild)

There are probably many fashion related topics I have not yet touched in the history of SilkSoFine; topics, such as wearable technology. To claim it a little what this expressions means, I’ll give you an example of two great Dutch designers namely Anouk Wipprecht and Iris van Herpen who are both specialised in blending fashion with technology. For example Iris’s avant-garde vision is pushing the boundaries of fashion, intricate design details and the newest technologies such as 3D printing or electronic couture. At the same time wearable technology can also mean personal accessories with embedded sensors or displays, wearable gadgets just like the rumoured iWatch. And to get to the point and share with you the breaking news: Apple has announced that former Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve has joined the company to work on “special projects,”  – reported the Business of Fashion yesterday. Deneve left the label due to a new career opportunity in the high-tech industry and this is might be suggesting an exciting new beginning in the history of both Apple and wearable technology and we only have to wait until May;)

Es gibt bestimmt jede Menge Themen, die mit Mode zu tun haben, aber die ich hier auf SilkSoFine noch nicht angesprochen habe. Themen wie zum Beispiel tragbare Technologie. Um die Bedeutung des Ausdrucks ein bisschen klarer zu machen, werde ich euch ein Beispiel für zwei wunderbare holländische Designer namens Anouk Wipprecht und Iris van Herpen geben, die beide darauf spezialisiert sind Mode mit Technologie zu verbinden. (more…)

Designer Stuart Vevers (Image: Fairchild)

Designer Stuart Vevers (Image: Fairchild)

While messing around on the streets of New York City you will most likely bump into some pretty Coach bags being worn by tall, stylish women matched with heels and tight pencil skirts. The British designer, Stuart Vevers was named the US brand’s new designer the day before yesterday, replacing Reed Krakoff who announced his exit back in April. Coach is an American luxury leather goods company that was first known for ladies’ handbags as well as items such as luggages, briefcases, wallets and other accessories, which got completed with a range of men and women shoes and watches. Today Coach continues to maintain the highest standards for materials and workmanship and will continue to do so under the hands of the former Loewe creative director, Stuart Vevers. He said to Vogue the following earlier this week: ‘My style is to take that heritage and to play it against modern references, youth culture, references that take things to a different place and make them relevant now. That’s what I’ve always been known for in my work’ – so I guess we look ahead to a new exciting chapter in Coach’s history.

Während ihr auf den Straßen von New York City entlang schlendert, werdet ihr ziemlich wahrscheinlich auf einige tolle Coach Taschen stoßen, die von hochgewachsenen, stylischen Frauen passend zu High Heels und engen Bleistiftröcken getragen werden. (more…)