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Bonjour Lanvin Petite Hiver collection, we are glad you are out! Celebrating fairy tale princesses and heroines, the Lanvin Petite collection for Autumn/Winter 2013 combines ‘savoir-faire’ with candy pink dreams, frills, bows and a touch of French grace. ‘The fabrics borrowed from the women’s range and couture finishes combine with sequins and brightly coloured calicos to create a wardrobe for elegant little girls.’ The collection that strokes every hearts, embraces thoughts about beauty, carefreeness, art, dialogues about childhood dreams, happiness and the beautifully creative mind’s, Alber Elbaz’s latest tangible fantasies. We love how he captured the playfulness in both the collection and the video – it’s really refreshing to see little girls portrayed as, well just that, little girls with no excessive makeup and hair; just the pure miniature themselves having fun and being cuter than ever.

Bonjour Lanvin Petite Hiver Collection, wir sind froh, dass du da bist! Während Märchenprinzessinnen und Heldinnen gefeiert werden, kombiniert die Lanvin Petite Kollektion für den Herbst/Winter 2013 ‘savoir-faire’ mit bonbonrosa Träumen, Rüschen, Schleifen und einem Hauch französischer Grazie. (more…)

ACNE miniature (Images: Acne Studios)

ACNE miniature (Images: Acne Studios)

What defines ACNE? Exceptional Scandinavian edge, quality, denim and effortless coolness. And what defines ACNE miniature? Stylish and pure designs, raw denim and cuts that fit perfectly on children while being both cute, playful and functional. With the release of their first ACNE Miniature collection in 2008, children were able to get that signature ACNE Studios catwalk look in miniature sizes! Since then, each collection proves just how special these clothes are. ACNE’s excellence much lies in Jonny Johansson’s creative imagery; the brand’s designer has decided to adapt the best-sellers of the adult collection for children almost 6 years ago and ever since its success is been growing. You can find the mini version of the statement jeans, marble print T-s and sweaters in blueish hues exclusively on the Internet much to the delight of the online-shop lover moms and older sisters.

Was definiert ACNE? Eine einzigartige skandinavische Note, Qualität, Jeans und mühelose Coolness. Und was definiert ACNE Miniature? (more…)