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All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // Lunettes Kollektion and their absolutely lovely business cards

During the season there comes a time when the most favorite word, MID SEASON SALE, modifies in a variety of incantations like Sample Sale Designer Sale. And since we normally are impatiently waiting for the season to end so we can shop our favorite pieces with a 50 % or even 70% off, mustering all the energy we accumulated over Christmas due to tons of chocolate and ginger bread to be ready to burst into the shops on the 28th of December. Well dear readers, you can have a much smoother way of it and I do not mean this tiny winy 10% Mid Season Something. You want to know the magic words? I chant the spell and it sounds like a seductive melody that is whispering in your ears: S A M P L E -… and … D E S I G N E R S A L E. Please, dear power of consumption, forbid. (more…)

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All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // My absolute favorite leather good by Filippa K and their host leaving its hint.

Ambition always goes with success. At least at some point. And sometimes success and inspiration will eventually need more space to be able to act out its actual spirit. This may pertain– a hundred percent or more – to Fillipa Knutsson and Patrik Kihlborg, both founders of Filippa K, one of the most popular and successful Swedish clothing brands. In order to celebrate 20 years of ambition, success and over all the maintenance of the labels sophistication and class Filippa K opened a new flagship store on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, one of the most exclusive shopping locations. The flagship store is already the third store in Berlin, bringing this special Swedish-minimalistic luminousness to the capital, this time on two floors. And because 20 years Filippa K is such an achievement an adequate host was needed. And who could cast this role better than the German Interview Magazine? Right nobody else. (more…)

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All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // Barre Noire at BOLD PR

When the days are getting colder in Berlin and rain is overtaking Misses Suns magic power it seems that winter depression is getting of the starting blocks. This is the time when people are finding themselves being caught in the middle, whether to be mourning over the last summer days or celebrating autumn as one of the greatest designers ever. Fashion folks are normally not even patient enough to wait until the first of November to show off their new autumn beauties. Coats, hats and scarfs are superseding the past role of ballerinas and light blazerish jackets leading to the fact that during German Press Days you can get the chance to be seeing the collections reviewed during the last press days on actual people while inhaling the upcoming SS14 collections. (more…)


All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // The beautiful show and accessory installation at & other Stories.

This weeks post is about treasures and small shiny things, about minimalistic and opulent silhouettes, about off colors and Neon, it is about a fine selection of beauty essentials &other Stories. Last Wednesday, & other Stories opened the beautifully wooden framed doors to their second store in Berlin Mitte. Finally I got one of my favorite stores in the neighborhood and do not have to walk a million miles to get to enjoy the vibe of this concept store since their first store is situated on Ku’damm in Charlottenburg. However this space at Neue Schönhauser Strasse seems to be made for & other Stories and it fits perfectly into this scenario of high fashion and street fashion. (more…)

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All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // The W A L D Fashion Issue No.03

DO WHAT YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO. This has been my mantra, my sunlight and my base of motivation for several years now. And it is still firmly fixed in my belief, making me smile every day because doing what you love does make you a happ(y)ier person. Indeed it can be a privilege to do what you love but besides all it is not about privileges here but about faith. Faith in yourself, being independent from others and having a clear vision. So clear that constantly drawing your vision into the air is finally assuming shape. Talking about I want to present you one of my favorite stores in Berlin. W A L D. This is what a visual concept based on faith and motivation and the ‘Do what you love’ thing looks like once it is conceptualized and brought into shape. (more…)

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All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // A great ensemble at the Quartier 206 with Vogue at the Fashion’s Night Out

Being en vogue is one thing, celebrating with Vogue one of the most popular shopping get together is another, especially at the exact moment of saying goodbye to the summer season and finally welcoming autumn winter collections. Both equally exciting and for sure similarly colored and sublime. Vogue invites to actively celebrate the act of going shopping. The selected time frame until 0:00 has a discreet ambiguity of the famous ‘never-getting-enough’ and the constant insatiability of the fashion folks. But it is not only the staging of capitalism but a possibility to experience an extended type of fashion among the shopping hot-spots of Berlin. And when Vogue invites, we do not even contemplate about it for a millisecond but follow the call and the fashion people for a night of wild wild luxury. (more…)


All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // Nylon Berlin using my favorite colors for autumn


The aggrieving month after fashion week, when all the glitter and magic is buried in the past, when agencies are closed and fashion editors steadily provide Instagram input from some very nice place far far away, when summer sales adorn the backmost store space with a few very dubious left overs and the waiting for the autumn collections to hit the stores seems unacceptable – then it is time for some grandiosity. (And for those who think I am a pathetic little wretch, I want to add that I do have a life besides of all this fashion-being.) (more…)

Jessies from Journelles wearing G-Shock in icecream colors

Jessie from Journelles wearing G-Shock in icecream colors / All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine

Jessie's pick

Jessie’s pick

Although Berlin Fashion Week already lies behind us I can still feel the breeze of sleep deficiency and the need to sort my thoughts and impressions. As inveterate as fashion week in Berlin is as great are the post-fashion week events – because people cannot get enough. Ever.
Last week I was presenting the G-Sessions opening event based on the 30th anniversary of Casio’s G-Shock model. It is actually a session of 4 events so I am still up to a closing party and post-closing party. Great expectations I guess. For this second event G-Shock collaborated with the most important bloggers from the Berlin blogger sphere. Among them were Jessie from Journelles, Jakob from Dandy Diary, Stil in Berlin’s Mary Scherpe as well as Katrin from Metropolitan Circus and other incredible bloggers. Each of them had the chance to stage their very favorite G-Shock model of which we could admire the results during yesterday’s event. Within a very beautiful yet simple and minimalistic installation the photographies of the bloggers and their selected favorite were exhibited. Naturally every watch was displayed properly and obviously ready to be bought. While Carl Jakob decided to wear the Maison Martin Margiela G-Shock (review it in last Sundays post) that has been designed in the frame of their latest designer collaboration, Jessie opted for a more colorful and fancy version in ice cream pastels. I consider this as a very well thought through summer adequate decision, since summer seems to be having an inner conflict of either being authentic or playing the cool side.
Since Voo Store hosted the event and will also be hosting the upcoming G-Sessions events and because Kenzo, Carven and co. finally brought their new collections into the stores I benefited from my attendence yesterday and reviewed the new sweaters and embroderies for you. I must say that Voo Store in Kreuzberg is one fantastic store, offering an incredible vibe that no Kenzo store or department store could ever provide. For sure this is not for everybody but the ones, looking for a contrasty and grounded high-fashion shopping experience. While the Kenzo tiger did not caught my attention too much during the last seasons, the new cloudy and heavenly implemented prints are more attractive to me. The unostentatious label embroidering in light silver is the character I was wishing for in times of the tiger that is still of great actuality. I always had this strange feeling that this Kenzo tiger was taking all over and did not leave space for individuality. Since I am hyper-sensitized by now, I feel this dangerous penchant for this Kenzo creation and I do not hope that I will end up with a tiger in my closet when this should be long gone. Maybe I will opt for the clouds, what do you say?

Auch wenn die Berliner Fashion Week nun schon wieder ein ganzes Stück hinter uns liegt, verspüre ich noch immer einen Hauch meines Schlafdefizits und dem dazugehörigen Drang, meine Eindrücke passé passieren zu lassen und zu sortieren. So unverbesserlich, wie die Berliner Fashion Week ist, sind auch die ‘Nach-Events’ – weil die Leute einfach nicht genug kriegen können. Immer. (more…)

A very intense week is behind us and now we have a great summary of the freshly ended Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, written by the lovely and talented Julia. She is an absolute fashion-insider, living in Berlin and by our plan from now on she will tell us about the most important fashion happenings of the capital of Germany. Read our very first article of BERLIN Special by Julia Langenhan.


Hien Le SS14 Fashion Show / All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine

It is comprehensively difficult to come to a point or make a conclusion after a week where active fusion of fashion, art, people, words and inspiration are taking place. It seems to be a never-ending capturing vortex. Either you dedicate yourself to it, let it affect you and draw on the fantasy that is provided or you do not let it get you.  I was actually pleased and honored to start off Berlin Fashion Week 2013 with the first big show indeed. Hien Le, a Berlin based designer who has its roots far east in Laos, was assigned to open the MBFW at the principal location of the event in the back of the Brandenburger Tor. I do not think that anyone is able to emphasize with Hien and the pressure he had with the opening. I do think that if you really know what you are doing, when you gave your heart and soul for it, nothing can ever alleviate your passionate triumph.  Hien Le’s SS14 collection was as fantastic as a opening collection should be. He mixed his remarkable classics with hints of unexpected immensity and implemented everything as minimalistically perfect as even possible. A great example for high-end fashion and corresponding taste. No surrounding was too flamboyant as if one could have been distracted from what is happening there. The impact of his collection was nearly tangible. His idea of fusion nature and abstraction in form of prints that left space for individual interpretation was absolutely felicitous and the selection of fabrics as excellent as always.


Patrick Mohr SS14 Presentation

Exorbitant contrast to the perfection we saw at the Hien Le catwalk was created by Patrick Mohr, who indeed established his reputation through not too discreet provocation that, as he is assuring, is not meant to be provactive at all. (more…)

Azzedine Alaïa (Image: Fairchild)

Azzedine Alaïa (Image: Fairchild)

After Hugo Boss’ birthday exhibition in London, I would like to suggest you one more must-see showcase titled ‘A RETROSPECTIVE’ that features Azzedine Alaïa’s works and will be held at both Paris’ Musée Galliera and the Musée d’Art Moderne this autumn in Paris. Tunisian-born Paris-based Alaïa has been creating seductive, curve-hugging clothes since he first opened his own Parisian atelier in the late Seventies and now his exhibition will display 100 dresses, which are all carefully selected from Alaïa’s archive. It will be a busy year for the designer who is also opening his second store in October, situated in Paris’ Rue de Marignan while also been working on his first fragrance, due to launch in stores in 2015. He is one of  those designers who are  paying no attention to trends but rather setting those, while brilliantly showing outside of the fashion calendar. We are so much looking forward to see everything that is related to the Alaïa name.

Nach Hugo Boss’ Geburtstagsausstellung in London möchte ich euch eine weitere Must-See Ausstellung mit dem Titel ‘A RETROSPECTIVE’ empfehlen, die Azzedine Alaïas Arbeit zeigt und im Herbst sowohl in dem Pariser Musée Galliera als auch im Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris stattfinden wird. (more…)