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All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // In case you want to get yourself a piece of summer you can purchase the unification bracelets here.

The moment of weakness when you are face to face with the object of desire and the higher power seems to take over your sense. Any sense indeed and all you can do is to let it get you. I am regularly experiencing such occurrence when facing the immenseness that is created by Sabrina Dehoff. The Berlin-based jewelry designer has what it takes to be a design goddess and take over the ostensible main powers such as Tiffany & Co. . Yes I literally mean & Co. and I am asking myself, who will ever need this suspect light turquoise box when you can get Sabrina Dehoff’s designs? Well, contemplating the diamonds vs. gold-plated metal discussion I am out here. However it is fascinating me how exceedingly inventive and exceptionally visionary Sabrina creates her designs, forming a whole character around it and leaving the interpretation to the one wearing it. (more…)

2013-09-05 21.46.20

All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // A great ensemble at the Quartier 206 with Vogue at the Fashion’s Night Out

Being en vogue is one thing, celebrating with Vogue one of the most popular shopping get together is another, especially at the exact moment of saying goodbye to the summer season and finally welcoming autumn winter collections. Both equally exciting and for sure similarly colored and sublime. Vogue invites to actively celebrate the act of going shopping. The selected time frame until 0:00 has a discreet ambiguity of the famous ‘never-getting-enough’ and the constant insatiability of the fashion folks. But it is not only the staging of capitalism but a possibility to experience an extended type of fashion among the shopping hot-spots of Berlin. And when Vogue invites, we do not even contemplate about it for a millisecond but follow the call and the fashion people for a night of wild wild luxury. (more…)

Ganni Campaign Images Autumn 2013 11

All Campaign Images: Ganni

Gani 3

All other images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine / Ganni rack at AgencyV

Since Ganni is represented by the Berlin based Agency V in Germany, I got to admire the collection for a while now and I took advantage to capture some photos for you showing the current Ganni collection.

When it comes to the Danish label Ganni there are two main themes that are processed within her collection: class and independence. I could possibly come up with a debate on principles here, something like whether the word class refers to the design or whether it is meant to connect with the independence itself. Effectively Ganni calls it classy clothes for independent women. I consider a classy women being independent and the other way around. The second option may not be as strong and cogent as the first one, but still makes sense in some way. (more…)


All images: Julia for SilkSoFine


Since summer is – in spite of all the heat – nearly over, and I do not want to evoke any autumnal weather conditions here, but in fact ending summer has something very positive expressed in the sale behavior of designers. On most of the online platforms sales already reached 70% and everyone has been crazy about wish lists and purchasing personal objects of desire lately.

Thus, it is nearly a salvation hearing about a nice Berlin get together and enjoying some sale of our Berlin based designers. Mongrels in common, a designer duo based in Berlin Mitte, staged their summer sale at a nice place in Torstrasse on Friday and followed up on it during Saturday. Since I am very into classic and timeless designs with a hint of an edge and the special something, mongrels in common is the perfect amalgamation for my vision of fashionable aesthetic. (more…)


The MYKITA wall at AgencyV in Berlin / All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine

The MYKITA house in Berlin is the place where high-quality international presence is created. Since 2003 the Berlin eyewear manufactory develops and creates hand-made glasses and shades. Based on the principle of technical innovation they tend to use and manufacture modern material. All these forgone things finally face the long experience MYKITA has to offer and create an unique variety of exceptional eyewear models. An essential ingredient for their ongoing success is the exceptional business philosophy that always seems to be present, since all of the different areas are working closely together at the MYKITA house. From the principal place of MYKITA in Berlins center every single model is delivered to 56 countries. They recently opened their newest store in NYC (8th store worldwide), another high-class playgorund for the label. (more…)

Image from For Every Minute

All images: For Every Minute

Last week I had the great honor to be meeting Kenzy Cheeseman, one of the designers and founders of For Every Minute, a New Zealand based luxury sleep- and loungewear brand with an absolute unique concept. Since Kenzy brought some samples all the way from New Zealand to Berlin, I had the chance to review a selection of their range exclusively and I was nearly blinded by such explosion of incredible colors and the reflection of this graceful silk they are using. Their collaboration with famous German model and celebrity, Marie Nasemann for their lookbook is a perfect detail that will be advantageous when conquering the German market.  Obviously delighted by the collection and the actual idea, I utilized the possibility and asked Kenzy some questions about the business, her work with businesspartner and co-founder Faye Lowe and their ambitions. A concept that seems perfect on this blog – not only in the literal sense of SilkSoFine. (more…)

Jessies from Journelles wearing G-Shock in icecream colors

Jessie from Journelles wearing G-Shock in icecream colors / All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine

Jessie's pick

Jessie’s pick

Although Berlin Fashion Week already lies behind us I can still feel the breeze of sleep deficiency and the need to sort my thoughts and impressions. As inveterate as fashion week in Berlin is as great are the post-fashion week events – because people cannot get enough. Ever.
Last week I was presenting the G-Sessions opening event based on the 30th anniversary of Casio’s G-Shock model. It is actually a session of 4 events so I am still up to a closing party and post-closing party. Great expectations I guess. For this second event G-Shock collaborated with the most important bloggers from the Berlin blogger sphere. Among them were Jessie from Journelles, Jakob from Dandy Diary, Stil in Berlin’s Mary Scherpe as well as Katrin from Metropolitan Circus and other incredible bloggers. Each of them had the chance to stage their very favorite G-Shock model of which we could admire the results during yesterday’s event. Within a very beautiful yet simple and minimalistic installation the photographies of the bloggers and their selected favorite were exhibited. Naturally every watch was displayed properly and obviously ready to be bought. While Carl Jakob decided to wear the Maison Martin Margiela G-Shock (review it in last Sundays post) that has been designed in the frame of their latest designer collaboration, Jessie opted for a more colorful and fancy version in ice cream pastels. I consider this as a very well thought through summer adequate decision, since summer seems to be having an inner conflict of either being authentic or playing the cool side.
Since Voo Store hosted the event and will also be hosting the upcoming G-Sessions events and because Kenzo, Carven and co. finally brought their new collections into the stores I benefited from my attendence yesterday and reviewed the new sweaters and embroderies for you. I must say that Voo Store in Kreuzberg is one fantastic store, offering an incredible vibe that no Kenzo store or department store could ever provide. For sure this is not for everybody but the ones, looking for a contrasty and grounded high-fashion shopping experience. While the Kenzo tiger did not caught my attention too much during the last seasons, the new cloudy and heavenly implemented prints are more attractive to me. The unostentatious label embroidering in light silver is the character I was wishing for in times of the tiger that is still of great actuality. I always had this strange feeling that this Kenzo tiger was taking all over and did not leave space for individuality. Since I am hyper-sensitized by now, I feel this dangerous penchant for this Kenzo creation and I do not hope that I will end up with a tiger in my closet when this should be long gone. Maybe I will opt for the clouds, what do you say?

Auch wenn die Berliner Fashion Week nun schon wieder ein ganzes Stück hinter uns liegt, verspüre ich noch immer einen Hauch meines Schlafdefizits und dem dazugehörigen Drang, meine Eindrücke passé passieren zu lassen und zu sortieren. So unverbesserlich, wie die Berliner Fashion Week ist, sind auch die ‘Nach-Events’ – weil die Leute einfach nicht genug kriegen können. Immer. (more…)

I’m wondering whether you share my opinion, but it’s such a gift in life that we can own a couple of professions at the very same time without having them proved on paper…Usually people have one job, which they make a living from, but imagine, women are mothers, chefs, interior designer and who know what else? While men are also fathers, drivers, chefs and repairmen. For now I would just go with the ‘being an interior designer issue’, which requires interest, creativity, passion and not least some time. When you build or buy a new home, you madly want it to live up to the imagery one, which you kept on dreaming and daydreaming day and night ever since you knew it’s time to move. Ladies, it’s just a matter of a little spirit to be the designer of your new home and now I’ll show you where to start:

1. Tumblr, Pinterest, Favim, Flickr, Interior magazines are the best sources of inspiration, be prescient and gather your inspiration on Pinterest, or what’s better but a little more time-consuming make moodboards…even tangible ones. (Yes, I literally meant paper and texture collages). By the way,  take your chance and involve your kids too, and teach them how to cut out simple shapes precisely.

2. If you got a sudden impulse, dare to sketch or take notes. Remember, this will be your home for decades.

3. Collaborate with the carpenter and painters, they will be the ones who execute your dreams.

Another good thing to have on mind is that what kind of style and lifestyle do you represent? Will it be a cosy place for a big family or for a traveller couple, and will the space serve you in every kind of situation? Balance function and style to make the best out of it;)

Ich frage mich, ob ihr meine Meinung teilt, aber es ist so ein Geschenk im Leben, dass wir heutzutage mehrere Berufe zur gleichen Zeit ausüben können, ohne dass es auf dem Papier steht… (more…)


(source: h&m)

What everybody appreciates about H&M the most is the affordable price range, and that the quality lives up to the price. On the other hand I also find it very exciting that they are doing an ‘H&M Home’ line or as they are collaborating with established, as well as upcoming designers and lately showcased trend collections, which are produced in lesser quantity and yet from quality materials. But to get back to my point and highlight my gladness towards to their home decor products, I have to admit that I could probably spend more on the latter than on clothes. The designs are highly contemporary, mixing bold typographic prints and splashes of bright accents, which create the perfect opportunity to spring-up your homes.

Was alle an H&M so lieben, sind die erschwinglichen Preise und die Qualität, die man dafür bekommt. Außerdem finde ich es sehr spannend, dass es auch eine ‘H&M Home’ Linie gibt und die verschiedenen Zusammenarbeiten mit sowohl etablierten als auch aufstrebenden Designern. (more…)

White is a colour that is the most complete and pure, the colour of perfection. The colour meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. White is totally reflective; it is awakening openness, growth and creativity. Designing homes in pure white refers to a minimalistic style, and usually features spacious proportions and contemporary furnishing. All-white interior can blend the feeling of cleanness and beauty with sort of rigidness, which can easily be superable with fresh flowers, joyfully playing kids or just simply with the warmness of the tenants. So what’s prompted ones to have such bright and monochromic home? Maybe the desire for clean lines and simplicity or to offset hot climate with cool tones…one thing is sure, it’s fully stylish.

Weiß ist die vollkommenste und reinste Farbe, die Farbe der Perfektion. Sie steht für Reinheit, Unschuld, Vollständigkeit und Vollkommenheit.