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I DO ART Exhibition - Copenhagen, Denmark

I DO ART Exhibition – Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has always been one of my number one cities culture-wise, art-wise, fashion-wise. The city embraces diverse range of artists, designers, cosy galleries as well as temporary and permanent exhibitions. Yesterday I have visited a small one-week exhibition in VESS, showcasing illustrators’, graphic designers’, photographers’ and art enthusiasts’ artworks. The event celebrated the 2 years existence of the I Do Art Agency, which involves selected danish artists and provides a creative platform for this emerging contemporary scene. Among others, artists like Karen Segall exhibited her artworks, which are blurring the boundaries of dreamy and dark, while drawing upon subcultural edges. The young talent My Buemann displayed artwork called ‘If only life was simple’, which is a poster-series in muted pastels made with screen print technique, where failure is perceived as a unique and positive attribute. Jewellery label Rocks & Rabbitcreates handcrafted jewellery from crystals, metals and rocks, and celebrates the closeness of nature twisted with contemporary aesthetics. You can visit the exhibition till the 15th of February!

Kopenhagen stand schon immer ganz oben auf meiner Liste was Kultur, Kunst und Fashion angeht. Diese Stadt vereint verschiedenste Künstler, Designer, gemütliche Galerien und sowohl vorübergehende als auch dauerhafte Ausstellungen. (more…)