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All images and interview translation: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // SIMON&ME favorite rag with the 002 Basic Shirt

SIMON&ME is the story about someone who finally is courageous enough to counteract this inexorably urge of consumption, when origin or low-price-logics are not even vaguely considered and the epidemic seems to contaminate way too many people. It was SIMON’s conceptualism, his perfect visualization of desires and dreams and courage to finally raise the voice. SIMON&ME is everything but a mass. It is a perfect selection of beautiful things Made in Germany, consciously hand worked and products that do have soul. A BERLIN must for everyone who is ready to give up mass consumption for an utterly subtle selection of basic needs.

I always think that outside observers can never find the right words for such a unique concept. That is why I asked Simon himself: (more…)


All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // In case you want to get yourself a piece of summer you can purchase the unification bracelets here.

The moment of weakness when you are face to face with the object of desire and the higher power seems to take over your sense. Any sense indeed and all you can do is to let it get you. I am regularly experiencing such occurrence when facing the immenseness that is created by Sabrina Dehoff. The Berlin-based jewelry designer has what it takes to be a design goddess and take over the ostensible main powers such as Tiffany & Co. . Yes I literally mean & Co. and I am asking myself, who will ever need this suspect light turquoise box when you can get Sabrina Dehoff’s designs? Well, contemplating the diamonds vs. gold-plated metal discussion I am out here. However it is fascinating me how exceedingly inventive and exceptionally visionary Sabrina creates her designs, forming a whole character around it and leaving the interpretation to the one wearing it. (more…)


All images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine // Nylon Berlin using my favorite colors for autumn


The aggrieving month after fashion week, when all the glitter and magic is buried in the past, when agencies are closed and fashion editors steadily provide Instagram input from some very nice place far far away, when summer sales adorn the backmost store space with a few very dubious left overs and the waiting for the autumn collections to hit the stores seems unacceptable – then it is time for some grandiosity. (And for those who think I am a pathetic little wretch, I want to add that I do have a life besides of all this fashion-being.) (more…)

Ganni Campaign Images Autumn 2013 11

All Campaign Images: Ganni

Gani 3

All other images: Julia Langenhan for SilkSoFine / Ganni rack at AgencyV

Since Ganni is represented by the Berlin based Agency V in Germany, I got to admire the collection for a while now and I took advantage to capture some photos for you showing the current Ganni collection.

When it comes to the Danish label Ganni there are two main themes that are processed within her collection: class and independence. I could possibly come up with a debate on principles here, something like whether the word class refers to the design or whether it is meant to connect with the independence itself. Effectively Ganni calls it classy clothes for independent women. I consider a classy women being independent and the other way around. The second option may not be as strong and cogent as the first one, but still makes sense in some way. (more…)

I DO ART Exhibition - Copenhagen, Denmark

I DO ART Exhibition – Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has always been one of my number one cities culture-wise, art-wise, fashion-wise. The city embraces diverse range of artists, designers, cosy galleries as well as temporary and permanent exhibitions. Yesterday I have visited a small one-week exhibition in VESS, showcasing illustrators’, graphic designers’, photographers’ and art enthusiasts’ artworks. The event celebrated the 2 years existence of the I Do Art Agency, which involves selected danish artists and provides a creative platform for this emerging contemporary scene. Among others, artists like Karen Segall exhibited her artworks, which are blurring the boundaries of dreamy and dark, while drawing upon subcultural edges. The young talent My Buemann displayed artwork called ‘If only life was simple’, which is a poster-series in muted pastels made with screen print technique, where failure is perceived as a unique and positive attribute. Jewellery label Rocks & Rabbitcreates handcrafted jewellery from crystals, metals and rocks, and celebrates the closeness of nature twisted with contemporary aesthetics. You can visit the exhibition till the 15th of February!

Kopenhagen stand schon immer ganz oben auf meiner Liste was Kultur, Kunst und Fashion angeht. Diese Stadt vereint verschiedenste Künstler, Designer, gemütliche Galerien und sowohl vorübergehende als auch dauerhafte Ausstellungen. (more…)