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For today, instead of describing Zara‘s April collection, I would like to share some facts. While studying fashion communication or running your own business you are most likely going to bump into analysing a case on Zara, because it’s indeed based on an unusual concept…Zara is the flagship brand of the Spanish retail group Inditex, and in fact the most successful one ahead of Bershka, Massimo Dutti etc. Besides having a business model based on innovation and flexibility, where their biggest competitive advantage lies is being up-to-the-minute on consumer trends, meaning, they are constantly doing trend research, based on customer demand. Another clever issue is that Zara does not outsource production (mainly Europe-based), unlike for instance H&M, which allows them to have a better overall control on both the manufacturing and distribution. Meanwhile offering new pieces in the stores two times per week in limited amounts, Zara offers high-scale of exclusivity for its price, which results customer loyalty and being registered as the second largest apparel retailer.

Anstatt Zaras April Kollektion zu beschreiben, würde ich heute gerne einige Fakten verraten. Während ihr Fashion Communication studiert oder euer eigenes Business führt, werdet ihr sicherlich über eine Analyse von einen Fall von Zara stolpern, weil es tatsächlich auf einem ungewöhnlichen Konzept basiert… (more…)

This controversial fashion film is the result of the collaboration between Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton ‘s Art Director and Katie Grand, Editor-in-Chief of British LOVE Magazine, has rather split the crowd. Dutch fashion magazine Blend, titled their short film feature ‘Glamorises Prostitution’ by saying it all and indeedly right. The exclusive editorial video features the latest Louis Vuitton collection – where ‘underwear turned daywear’ was a concept – worn by models like Cara Delevingne, Edie Campbell, Georgia May Jagger or Isabeli Fontana as they are ‘doing their filthy jobs’ in the dark alleyways of Paris. I guess you need to have an open mind (a very open mind) to actually take in such sort of art, if it can be called one, and realise it’s purpose and creative side. Mostly Marc Jacobs has been blamed so far, by fashion critics, top lawyers, French parties etc…but when in this era fashion was about pure reality, innocence or anything ordinary? Frankly, never. There has always been seducing, fantasy, filth, fur; the things you want but know you will never be able to attain. The film will definitely propose further questions/scandals where there will be no conclusion; what was done once, cannot be undone, no matter how strongly Marc shifts off the responsibility to Katie.

Dieser kontroverse Fashion Film ist das Resultat der Zusammenarbeit zwischen Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuittons Art Director, und Katie Grand, Editor-in-Chief des britischen LOVE Magazine, und hat die Menge gespalten. Das niederländische Magazin Blend benannte den Beitrag zu dem Kurzfilm treffend und wahrhaftig mit Recht ‘Glamorises Prostitution’, Verherrlichende Prostitution. (more…)

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Polina Veller, Kiev-based designer has recently shown her Autumn/Winter 2013 collection at Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days. The collection was created from a diverse range of unusual materials, such as banners that were used for a street advertisement, paper or plastic. Odd materials and textures, watercolour prints, sculptural and exaggerated forms, a conscious mind and an eco-friendly aspect became Veller’s basis in forming her latest collection. The pieces are to be considered art-wear with a modern avant-garde touch, where Veller’s artistic freedom met great volumes and wearability. Being only in her early twenties and aiming high, is definitely the way to go to the future; Polina Veller – with all her distinctive view on fashion – is one to watch!

Polina Veller, in Kiev lebende Designerin, hat kürzlich ihre Herbst/Winter 2013 Kollektion auf den Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days gezeigt. (more…)

With this very pure outfit suggestion, Silk So Fine is celebrating that Queen Elizabeth II honoured Stella McCartney with Order of the British Empire earlier today. McCartney isn’t the first British designer to receive the distinction. She joins a small, talented list of noted fashion icons, including Vivienne Westwood, Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, and Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon. Congratulations Stella, you richly deserved it!

Mit diesem sehr reinen Outfit Vorschlag, feiert SilkSoFine, dass Queen Elizabeth II heute Stella McCartney mit dem Order of British Empire geehrt hat. McCartney ist nicht die erste britische Designerin, die diese Auszeichnung erhalten hat. Sie tritt einer kleine, talentierten Liste von bekannten Fashion Ikonen bei, darunter Vivienne Westwood, Sarah Burton von Alexander McQueen und Jimmy Choo Gründerin Tamara Mellon. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Stella, du hast es wirklich verdient!


The SilkSoFine team witnessed Todd Lynn‘s rather cool inspiration during London Fashion Week, which was drawn upon the theme of The Gopher Gang, a New York tribe who would jump people for their clothes then send them to a seamstress for alterations. Somerset House’s guests – besides the edgy, yet dynamic collection – got to enjoy some captivating tunes of The Libertines’ Gary Powell. Lynn – as usual – added an innovative and clever edge to the collection by taking a man’s jacket, where the proportions kept, but is feminised with gathering at the back. Raw edges, outer darts, densely pleats, fine laces and pony skins are the key features of his AW13 collection, titled ‘Ante Bellum’. We wish to be in the early 20th century New York right now and are excited to see what Lynn’s great fantasy comes up with in the upcoming season!

Das SilkSoFine Team wurde während der London Fashion Week Zeuge von Todd Lynns ziemlich cooler Inspiration, welche an das Thema von The Gopher Gang geknüpft war, einer New Yorker Gang, die Menschen wegen ihrer Kleidung überfielen und diese zu Schneidereien schickten, um sie ändern zu lassen. (more…)

Who doesn’t like to make an appearance? The colour and texture gold or golden is one of the best choice to do so. The key, I would say is the proportion, the balance, the combination. By learning to build in gold/golden to you wardrobe it opens new dimensions. Gold/golden has always been there; your jewellery, your grandma’s vintage cutlery collection, the frame of your paintings on the wall, but most of all your heart! Let it be in your wardrobe too, it’s meant to be there!

Wer mag es nicht für den großen Auftritt zu sorgen? Die Farbe und das Material Gold ist eine der besten Möglichkeiten dies zu tun. Ich würde sagen, der Schlüssel ist die Proportion, die Balance, die Kombination. Es eröffnet euch neue Dimensionen, zu lernen wie ihr Gold in euren Kleiderschrank integriert. (more…)